Write a Gorgeous Application letter

Application letters are like marketing tools which help immensely to market your resume to the outside world. There are many kinds of application letters but we are talking about only job application letter. This form of letter writing is very important because it is associated with the job market which is very fragile now a days. So it is very important that application letters are written with minimum flaw. Anyways below are some points which if followed will make a great application letter-

a) Always write a brief introductory paragraph before starting

.b) Make it short and to the point

c) Start your letter by adding your contact information at the top

d) Show case your photograph

e) Highlight your important points.

f) Always use user-friendly language, addressing only the employer’s need, without repetitions.

g) Include the company’s information.

.h) Address your letter to the person whom you are writing

.i) Write the letter in a positive tone

j) Explain why hiring you will benefit the employer

So we see that mastering the skill of writing application letter is very important. Letters speak volumes about a person or an organization that writes it. So one must take utmost care ensuring that the language used in any letter is appropriate for the occasion for which it is being written


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