My Midtown Manhattan New York City walkabout with my Iphone STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

June 2, 2017. In NYC town for Book Expo 2017. Had a Media Pass to share my experience on Social Media. As for accommodations, had a two night free stay Hilton. This was a promo for a time share. Took one of my CondoSeniors to be my sherpa. Used their United Airlines frequent flyer miles and United Club Card to get into the waiting room for free food. and drinks.

No shortage of speakers! Morning line to get into the Book Expo.

I was secretly hoping meet an agent who had a publisher and animated film producer for Pelican Newspaper.

Taxi picked me up from Javits Center where Book Expo was. We drove back to Midtown Manhattan along the Hudson River. Aircraft carrier is the Intrepid and is a floating museum.

Taxi dropped me off at the Hilton. Next to it is the Russian Tea Room opened a few years ago.

Cool double exposure.

Walk to anther Hilton few blocks away on 6th Avenue for this great view looking north at Central Park.

Walked up to Central Park. Rain showers forced us to run for cover in the Plaza. Afternoon tea is around $70.

I am never in proper attire. But I was wearing shoes. Feet hurt, though. Missing the beach.

Incredible ceiling.

Walking shops along 5th Avenue. Stores still have window displays.

Trump Tower.

Harry Winston. Cheaper to take photo.

Valentino. IN the rear of the store, you can see a womn trying on glittery shoes.

Hilton package had $200 toward a Broadway show. Hamilton was $3000 a ticket. Settled on Carol King's Beautiful and it was amazing!

Later that night I went back out at night. Was just In time to see the trash,

"Blocking the Box" is serious business here. When at a Florida intersection, you can always tell who the New York drivers are. Their car stops at the crosswalk and wait for traffic to clear. Those points is why they ignore your horn.

Homeless across from Trump Tower. Dog!

Was waiting on the train at Penn Station to head to Newark Airport. Mad rush when the doors open!

Leaving in a jet plane, maybe I will come back some day. On left is One World Trade Center.

Statute of Liberty is on the right above the back slope of the engine. 

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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