We Live in Akkar Children at Tal-Abbas Camp in Akkar (North Lebanon) shows their live in pictures.

In October 2020 Friedrich Naumann Foundation and OURVOICE came to Akkar, Lebanon to create a visual storytelling project with a group of very talented children. These are their stories.

»This is our Camp«

filmed by Haitam and Mohamed

»The Life of Aya«

photographed by Hanan

My name is Aya Mansour, I am 10 years old and I live in Tal Al Abbas camp - in Akkar. I am from Syria from Hama. I came to the camp with my family 4 years ago, before that we lived in a modest house. But we were obliged to leave him. My life in the camp is normal and honestly, I don’t like it.

I do activities and I know how to count numbers up to 100. When I grow up, I like to be a good cook because I love food so much, and my only wish is to live in a house, not in a tent.

A Day in the Life of Layla

photographed by Rawan

I am Layla, I am 33 years old, I am from Syria, from the countryside of Hama. I left Syria a year ago, and I live in this camp. I prepare food for my children before going to work.

Living here is very difficult. I work at harvest for 3 hours, for 22 cents per hour. I have to work to provide food for my family, and sometimes my daughter comes with me to help me.


photographed by Yehia

My name is Fatima Zahra, I am 60 years old. I am from Syria, from Homs and I have been living in a camp for 5 years in North Lebanon, in Tal Abbas camp.

Today, I work outside at my front door and I make jam. For the annual homemade meal, like pumpkin and apple jam. I also work in sewing, embroidery and provide herbal medicine.


photographed by Zahraa

I am the Shawish Hoda, 41 years old. Responsible for the camp, I organize the camp’s affairs with Ngos and local organizations, and I also take care of distributing bread and aid to all families.

I was in charge of the camp one year ago, and my mission is to secure the needs of the children as much as possible. I also conduct awareness activities about the role of women, early marriage and child labor.


filmed by Waled

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