Concentration Camps: the heinous truth by: Sean McNulty

The Holocaust was a terrible time in our history.

Sadly, Multiple ethnic and social groups were sent to concentration camps, which put them through agonizing labor which, most of the time, ultimately led the prisoners to their death.

The group that was targeted most were people that were Jewish.

However, some of the many groups included the disabled, gypsies, and People who were against Hitler.

In the concentration camps, These prisoners were often killed if they didn't cooperate, or died from hunger, disease, and exhaustion.

Here are some facts about the Concentration camps:

  • The first concentration camps were created near the beginning of when Hitler was selected for chancellor in 1933.
  • Theodor Eicke, who was a commandant of Dachau in 1933, developed arrangements and methods to guard and operate a concentration camp.
  • Eicke distributed rules for the jobs of the perimeter guards and how to handle prisoners.
  • The Nazis expanded by conquest between 1938 and 1939, which increased the number of political rivals, which also increased the "need" for more concentration camps.
  • Businesses had a growing impact on choosing the locations for concentration camps after 1937, which became very common after the war began.

Concentration camps have influenced our history in many ways.

It shows how we humans can be incredibly inhuman.

It also shows how people can help in even the most difficult of times.

It even shows that you don't need much to be a leader, good or bad.

However, the main way that the holocaust has changed history is that even in the darkest of times, there will always be hope.

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