The first Americans Lesson.1 yellow words and facts

Isthmus- is a narrow piece of land that connect two large pieces of land .
Maize- is corn. The early americans used corn in many different ways.
Some of the things that the Olmecs are famous for the colossal heads that are made out of rock.
The olmecs are one of the most may be the oldest culture in Mesoamerica.
Farming began in mesoamerica.
The land around the Amazon is the home of the greatest variety of plants.
The Anasazi built large stone dwellings and the explorers that saw them gave them a name called, pueblos.
The anasazi and the Hohokam went together and they had droughts and because of that it killed their crops.
Anasazi were very skilled at making jewelry and pottery.
The Moche culture was very known for their art.
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