Riding the Rails The adventure of a lifetime

Intro;I am on the greatest adventure of a lifetime. I left my family for fun, adventure and a job. My parents have no money. It was a dreadful time with the Hayes family. I was waiting for a train to come so I could go east. I lived in Kansas and I wanted to go to New York. There was plenty of jobs in New York but not in Kansas. My parents were unemployed but when I got enough money I would sent it to them. "All aboard.......''

  1. Finally after a week I was finally in the Big City. I learned that people in New York called things after President Hoover because they wanted to make fun of him because he was a terrible president. I saw things called hoovervilles, Bread lines, Soup Lines and more. I saw a lot of business closed and banks closed. I thought this was going to be amazing but it wasn't, they had jobs here so it had to be better than Kansas.

Finally Hoover was out of presidency(1933)ONE YEAR LATER, The New programs were working for us to get out of the great depression. I work at the PWA(Public Works Administration) I was building a school at the time which I never went to school. The New Deal was working well it was getting us out of the great depression. My parents got jobs so I was happy. Tomorrow there was a speech or a talk by Eleanor Roosevelt and I was going to it. I don't remember any other Wife of the President she was riding all around America to see what the problems were.My friend and I went to see her today she was great and I was glad we went. "Lance Come here you are not done yet.""Come on just let me go home."


It was a nice, warm day in Kansas. I was laying down in the tall green grass, then I heard a big wave of wind coming. So I turned around and dust about 50 feet tall and a mile wide was coming right at me. So I ran inside to my house and close everything.(hours later) All of my family crops were ruined, Our livestock were died and everything was ruined.


.After all that I was going home. It was very fun but dangerous. It was a rush but it was not worth it. I regret going on the train.

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