Harry Kuttner The Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University Quarantine CRew Project 2020

My current practice is based in hand-built ceramic sculptures and installations. My recent sculptures incorporate references to roadside americana, popular song lyrics, and natural landscapes as a means to examine experiences of intimacy, sex, and loss. Many of the sculptures ​incorporate minimal glazing, leaving the natural clay body exposed, in order to recall a connection to the earth, stone, and antiquity. Keeping the cultural history of clay as a reference, the work falls somewhere between craft and art object, searching to strike a tension between delicacy and weight.

Those Three Days, 2018, glazed stoneware and wire, 15x13x13"
Our Hungry Brains, 2019, glazed stoneware, 14x17x17"
untitled (lamp), 2017, glazed stoneware and lamp hardware, 32x16x16"
Prine Plate, 2020, glazed stoneware, 9x9x1.5"
Naples Plate, 2020, glazed stoneware,12x12x2.5"
untitled (wreath), 2019, glazed stoneware and wire, 4x7'
untitled (wreath), 2019, glazed stoneware and wire, dimensions variable

My recent work has been focused on large vessels that incorporate sculptural elements. In the time of COVID-19, where we all find ourselves isolated to some degree, I have found myself making plates, bowls, and cups. I am able to easily share this work with my community, and the process can be much less time consuming than a large sculpture. Creating work that people can one day eat off of gives me hope for the future. I am choosing to put my energy into those shared communal experiences, and the hope that we will soon be able to have them again.