Albert Einstein By:Connor

Boom boom sized Albert Einstein poshins. Albert Einstein is an inventor. He is a very hard worker, because he could make big creations by the age of nine. He was a time taker,because Einstein made a lot of inventions like expensive positions. Albert was a very smart boy,because he studied math and science. So those are some traits Albert Einstein has.

Albert Einstein is my super star! Albert was born on March 14, 1879, and born in Ulm, Germany. Einstein's dad owed a electronics company. Albert was an adventurous man,because he made new discoveries.

Imagine a kind,smart and adventurous man....Albert Einstein! Albert Einstein was famous for being a scientist. Albert's famous discovery was to make the force of gravity brake. In 1940 Albert became a us citizen. Something he liked to do was science. So that is all about Albert Einstein.

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Albert Einstein quotes


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