10 World-Changing Ways to Support Your Community from Quarantine BY VICTORIA WILSON

June 9 2020

Is life in lockdown leaving you feeling helpless in the fight against Covid-19? Thankfully, with these 10 accessible deeds, physical distance doesn’t have to mean social disconnection. While essential workers are tackling the virus, you can be the back-up every frontline needs, particularly in combating the major silent symptom - loneliness. Support your community from home with these unique ideas, and make our new normal more united.

NOTE: Stay Home, Stay Safe

Above all, following government guidelines for your area on staying home is crucial to protecting yourself and others from Covid-19. While exploring the following ideas, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask if advised in your area, and practice good hygiene.

1. Answer the “I’m Bored” Complaints

Gather your favorite pre-loved books, toys and games and leave them outside your house (sanitized first) to curb the boredom of any curious passerby. Alternatively, create an active game around your neighborhood to help children play outside (if permitted in your area).

I recently organised a lockdown-safe treasure hunt for Easter with a few friends and the response was great! We each designed and hid a few laminated egg pictures in various locations - tied round trees, lampposts and park railings. Due to the enthusiasm and excitement of participating families, we are now planning a trail of children’s characters, with clues to appeal to older kids.

2. Deliver to High-Risk Individuals

Help shield an elderly or immunocompromised neighbor/friend/relative by delivering essentials (such as groceries, prescriptions or even home cooked meals) to their door. Apps such as Next Door or the NHS responders (UK) can match you with a vulnerable person nearby.

3. Uplift Your Heroes

Show your support for local essential workers by participating in Street Sing-Together, Clap for Carers, or other local alternatives - or even start your own moral booster! If you don’t have the resources to organize a community-wide event, you can still make an effort by putting up rainbows and messages in your window or drawing a chalk mural on your driveway that shows essential workers that you are thankful.

4. Donate

Donate money to a charity close to you, whether it be directly linked to Covid – providing protective personal equipment (PPE), shelter and food, etc - or a nonprofit struggling with funds due to the lockdown. Alternatively, check charity websites for potential opportunities to volunteer online. The UN’s Virtual Volunteer Site is a great resource.

5. Support Local Businesses

As many local restaurants and cafes adapt to delivery services, consider switching out your go-to take-out places for small businesses which may struggle to survive through social distancing.

6. Bust Out the Sewing Machine

If you are handy with a needle and thread, sewing masks for people in your community or making scrubs for hospital workers to wear under their protective suits (contact your local hospital first to make sure this is needed) is a productive way to kill time in quarantine. Start with this simple tutorial.

7. Stay Connected

Combating loneliness is now more important than ever. Stay connected with a virtual pub quiz with friends, chatting over the fence with neighbors or teaching your grandparents to use Zoom. You can reach those struggling in isolation via the NHS Responders app (UK), use the Me Two app to share advice with teenagers, or even ‘Adopt a Grandparent’.

8. Showcase Your Talents

Calling all budding musicians, scholars, yoga masters… Resolve complaints of “I’m bored” around the globe by offering online tutoring or giving a class or performance over livestream. You can also share your talents with the @lockdowncollective_ on Instagram and collaborate on a live show via their page!

9. Be a Little Selfish

In the face of crisis self-care is crucial and it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed or unproductive. You are allowed to take care of yourself before supporting your community. Exercise, read, journal… it’s okay to just exist for a while.

10. Connect With RevNow!

Here at RevNow we have a plethora of initiatives to bring the online community together. Budding journalist? Why not apply to write for us? Or simply send a video about how you have been staying busy during quarantine to kaylagubbay@me.com to be included in our quarantine story series. Alternatively, listen to our new “Staying Connected During COVID” podcast to learn more about creating a positive change during this crisis.

Remember, after the rain comes a rainbow – and you can be the one to bring color back to your community.

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