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An assay is a breakdown of a material, examining the individual parts that make up the whole.

Luminescent things glow with light.

An essay will determine how concussion causes to do to you and also see how the results will be if it causes anything to your body.

Luminescent will determine to see if your alive or not.

Sustained- A safe way or an alternative to be active or to play

So players have to sustain themselves when they are playing sports because anything that involves physical contact must not use their head a lot because most athletes get concussions from that.

Pediatricians-A doctor or a sports doctor who knows medicine

So many doctors and coaches too are looking for ways of what to do before to start a game because some players get injured easily and they want to prevent that from happening so they want to make a pill that makes them strong and stay fit while playing

Pediatric- something that could be more severe or more painful

So doctors are finding way to find medicines or treatment of people can not get concussions

real-world programs- Finding ways or to prevent more adults and children around the world to not suffer a concussion.

Researchers are looking for information around the world how concussions can be treated and also the ways they can prevent it.

Neurodegenerative- Something that is calculated or statistics that a disease or cause to the human body has.

Neurodegenerative have shown that a concussion is now a health risk because some former athletes have been repeated concussion and now physicians, doctors, coaches, parents and legislators are saying it’s a health risk.

Cognitive- the effects or condition of something in the brain or any other body.

This shows that there are ways and causes of what a concussion can do to you and it can lead to sickness or pain for a few days and even cause up to weeks or months not to wake up.

What Causes Concussions to happen?

Concussions are caused when a person take a hit or fall down wit their head first or even a tackle in sports. In fact, if this happens to a person, their brain would shear forces that can actually tear it apart inside. Concussions can happen when your head takes a rough hit and could tear the brain apart also in the inside and also it won’t cause any major structural damage that would be on a CT scan (Molteni). There is no proof that a CT scan can see what happens to a person’s brain because they can’t see everything that’s hidden “There are 43 different definitions of what a concussion is right now," said neurosurgeon Uzma Samadani, co-director of the NYU Cohen Veterans Center. What this means is that getting a concussion means you're just out for a moment but depending on how hard you got hit your brain could be severely damaged and other symptoms can cause major headaches, swelling, vomiting, etc....

Link Happens To The Brain In A ConcussionFebruary 14, 2017

How can Concussions be prevented?

Dr. James Chestnutt a sports medicine physician from the medical director of the "Oregon Health and Science University", believes that players who are in sports get into a concussion and get knocked out or severely get into a head injury they should be in therapy to be able to be back on the field. If they have a game a few days later and they feel like the same or more pain they must ask their coach to sit out because if they go back on the field they would severely end up in the hospital or be in a worse condition (Keith). Players shouldn’t be playing when they have a concussions or an injury because it could lead them back to the hospital or may end up severely injured. Also according to Dr. Sam Gandy, director of the NFL "Neurological Center at Mount Sinai Hospital" she believes, that younger children should Not be heading the ball already at that age of 12 because the brain may not be well developed and could also cause brain injury to the head. Also this could be really dangerous for certain people who have concussions easily and should not head the ball that hard. Children under the age of 12 brains are not well developed and anything that hits them could easily give them a concussion and if they are in soccer they should be careful not to hit the ball hard for it can also cause them to get a concussion or brain injury.

Link Local NewsConcussion treatment continues to evolveFebruary 13, 2017 FOX NewsSoccer: Heading the ball linked to concussion February 01, 2017 February 13, 2017

Can Experts find a way to treat a concussion?

According to Jessica Gill researcher from the "National Institutes of Health" who studies brain trauma and PTSD in soldiers believes, that coaches from now on should check their players every game for any signs if they are gonna get a injured because some of the players may gotten a concussion or hurt and they have to make sure that they should be alright. Dr Gill believes, that coaches should also have their injured players blood taken so that they can get an OK from the doctor to play their next game and also she wants other athletes like gender and sport-matched athlete to do this too to make sure they are match fit and good to play the next game (Molteni). So what Dr Gill is saying is that injured players should not go back on the field and should also get checked up at the doctor’s before going because it will help them be safe and know the condition therein if it’s severe or not and also have coaches check on them to because they want to make sure there player’s are alright too. According to Dr. John Breck from the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine is saying that if you see somebody who is about to have a concussion or feel like having one take them to a nearest shelter and have them check up on you in a few minutes to see if they are alright. Also if the person feels like there concussion is severe and they start having headaches or vomiting or any kind of symptom have them be taken to the nearest ER or hospital close by. What Dr. Breck is saying that if you see somebody in a state of falling or feeling uneasy about themselves make sure you help that person and save them because that way you want to help them and call 911 so that they won’t get a concussion or start having a severe one that can cause major problems in the brain.

Link Boulder Today | University of Colorado Healthy Buffs: Ask the Expert: How to recognize a February 14, 2017

How would the body react to a concussion?

According to the article Non pharmacological Treatment of Post concussion Syndrome by “Kristina Eilbacher”, it says that concussions can cause different kind of symptoms in the body on how hard you fell or got hit in the head. For example it can lead to people to slow reading or also can to dizziness for a few days or weeks and also depression which can last up to weeks. Getting a concussion can also cause people to lose weight and people responding differently for they would respond in a few minutes and even forget what happened earlier. What the article is saying is that getting a concussion can not just destroy the inside of your brain but can also lead to people getting ill or sick and also having a forgetful memory and having their pace of learning become slower and bad. There are different ways concussions can cause problems to you and in your body and it can lead to bad things that can happen to them if you just be careful about it. According to Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., author of TheExercise Cure he says that getting a concussion can lead you to get Nausea, vomiting, Visual disturbances, and fatigue. He also believes that getting a concussion doesn't just affect the brain but can ruin your life for a moment because people with concussions can have a hard time concentrating and understanding the person you're speaking too or listening too and also have a hard time remembering things that you did or do. Also a former soccer player named Taylor Twellman said that when he collided with another player so hard in fact it left him having a 3 year headache and would say he would get migraines when he wakes up. What Dr. Metzl is saying is that concussions can lead to disadvantages that can affect you and can cause problems to your learning and understanding of people when your speak and hear and also it can lead you to have a awful memory or forget things easily.

Link's HealthWhat Happens to Your Brain and Body When You Get a ConcussionJuly 16, 2014,February 16, 2017 February 16, 2017

Can Concussions be prevented in the future?

Yes, because we can find solutions as in we can find medicine or doctors who can treat concussions and also to wear better safety in sports and while during the day.

In the article The Future of Concussions: How 5 New Advances Could Change Treatment by “Heather Hansman” it explains of how Julian Edelman, a receiver for the new England Patriots have gotten a concussion by colliding helmet to helmet with another player during the superbowl. After he got a concussion he continued to play with a mild concussion without going to the doctor and his coach yelled at him and decided to have a new concussion protocol called the “Resolution G-2” or the “Julian Edelman Rule”. What this rule does it allows officials or referees to stop the game in case a player gets hurt or have a severe concussion because in the NFL games continued to be played even if an injured player is on the floor. Another example is that researchers at Harvard are working to find a way to treat and help a person to not get a concussion and this treatment is called a concussion pill. What this pill does it slows down the spread of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) a degenerative disease in people who had frequent injuries (Hansman). Trans: So many scientist and doctors and even coaches are looking for solutions on how concussions can be prevented like finding medicine or having a strict rule to commit a player continuing to play. Also players have to make sure that they should be fine and to make sure what condition they are in because they must make sure they will take some kind of medicine or have an okay from a doctor and that's what many researchers are doing is finding ways to help players and other people to solve there problems with concussion. In the article What Does the Future of a Concussion Look Like? According to David Camarillo, a professor of bioengineering and mechanical engineering at Stanford is using mouthguards on football players to see what they do. Researchers are now using mouthguards to prevent concussions because now it is like a device because it will indicate how hard or bad and even the speed of the brain moved or reacted when a person collided with another person. What professor Camarillo wants to do is to see how football players could use this tool or device to be used during games to see of the damage token and also have many of these made. Because the mouthguard can respond on how bad or severe the concussion is and can make the doctors recognize the situation already and also have many coaches especially in sports to have their players use these in case they get a concussion easily. Trans: Players must use these mouth guards because it will make them realize the condition they could get or see what could happen in a concussion to happen and also coaches should realize that these mouth guards can help improve the more about concussions and this helps doctors help stable the condition and look at the brain on how bad the concussion was and how it was caused.

Link Titlestar-telegram Haunted by husband's death, widow takes CTE fight to Super BowlFebruary 20, 2011


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