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We'll start with Ford's recent travel for inspired palettes and landscapes.

Inspiration gathering in italy

Great art doesn't happen in a vacuum, you know.

Ford recently spent a couple of weeks in Italy, and guess what he saw?

Yes, an actual Ford Smith tree line. Perhaps those years living in Italy as a child recorded some indelible memories of trees in Ford's youthful brain.

Italian skies and countryside have always been a source of great inspiration. Ford's mother was Italian and he speaks the language quite well, which is helpful. We had a spectacular visit.
Ford created "Opposing Passions" months ago, but seeing these recent views in Tuscany was uncanny, wasn't it?

You can bet we're going to see more big skies from this landscape painter, too... like this one he painted several years ago using only memories as inspiration.

"La Dolce Vita" is available as a signed, numbered and hand embellished limited edition and measures 66"x44"

Ford was able to recall the endlessly radiant skies of Tuscany quite well.

When you think of Tuscany, you might first think of rolling hills, cypress trees and vineyards, but the magnificent skies are often the star of the landscape.

Coming to a ford smith palette near you...

Be on the lookout for Ford's new interpretation of the light, colors and landscapes inspired by this recent trip.

...And you'll love this!

Ford Smith's "La Dolce Vita In Concert" with artist Eddie Freeland is a true artistic collaboration.

Eddie re-imagined the original wild flower meadow with a beautiful Italian vineyard and Ford helped him paint this stunning creation. Eddie later sculpted the new art with glass and resin.

The lower half has been reimagined and repainted in 3-dimensions.

"La Dolce Vita In Concert" is a multimedia original painting that measures 64"x42". See the close-ups below:
Signed by both artists.
Sculpted and painted glass
Painting in three dimensions.

Wow, right?

Let's see what else is new in the gallery...

Original paintings...

Awakening Dreams by Ford Smith

"Awakening Dreams" Original painting in acrylics 40"x30"

Far From Mind by Ford Smith

"Far From Mind" Original painting in acrylics 22"x28"

Conscious Break by Ford Smith

"Conscious Break" Original painting in acrylics 28"x22"

this original isn't quite finished yet, but we couldn't resist showing you...

Pretty spectacular, isn't it?

A little backstory...

Not many people know that Ford started college in 1968 with a full-ride scholarship in Mathematics, but later switched his major to Fine Art and graduated with a Degree in Painting. These right brain/left brain competencies are evidenced in his distinctive style of painting. There is an orderliness and precision to the vibrant and wildly imaginative elements and compositions. Exciting paintings like "Degrees of Separation" (24"x18") flawlessly demonstrate this rare artistic capability.

"Degrees of Separation" by Ford Smith Original painting 24"x18"

limited editions... the best of the best

Let's take a stroll through Ford's studio gallery to see what's currently on exhibit and ready for immediate acquisition.

Beginning Today

Artist Proof of "Beginning Today" Signed, numbered and hand embellished limited edition on canvas - hand embellished by Ford Smith (we have one in stock now - AP1/10)

Forever and a Day

"Forever and a Day" Signed, numbered and embellished limited edition on canvas 40"x50" (we have two stretched and in stock now)

Serenity Rising

Artist Proof "Serenity Rising" Signed, numbered and embellished limited edition on canvas 24"x48" (we have one stretched and in stock now - AP4/10) Hand embellished by Ford Smith

Optimistic Spin

"Optimistic Spin" Signed, numbered and embellished limited edition on canvas 48"x48" (we have one stretched and in stock now)

And that's not all...


"Hue•Topia" Signed, numbered and embellished limited edition on canvas 24"x48" (we have one stretched and in stock now)

Rest Assured

"Rest Assured" Signed, numbered and embellished limited edition on canvas 24"x24" (we have one stretched and in stock now)

Mutual Understanding

"Mutual Understanding" Signed, numbered and embellished limited edition on canvas 44"x44" (we have one stretched and in stock now)

What are you waiting for?

maybe sculpted glass by eddie freeland...

"Rise Above In Concert" is the latest Ford Smith painting to enter the third dimension with the talents of Eddie Freeland. This collaborative series is an art experience unlike any other. Watch this video and you'll appreciate the dynamic display of this multimedia original painting.

We offer free delivery and installation in the Atlanta metro area on sculpted glass paintings.

If you love Ford Smith paintings, we're pretty sure you love color

Turns out you're in good company...

The latest design trends do, too!

The most recent Departures magazine had a large focus on this refreshing and growing trend in home interiors.

"Monochrome neutrals begone--today's standout interiors are bursting with vibrant color."

We're feeling right at home.

Come see us!

If you're in the Atlanta area, we invite you to visit Ford's studio gallery in person by appointment.

Just call, text or email us! 678-908-1989 or info@fordsmithfineart.com

Speaking of being on trend... what we've created with Ford's salon-style studio gallery is where a lot of the art industry is headed. Read the New York Magazine article below:

From New York Magazine news... At the forefront of art industry trends are salon-style art experiences. "You have to know about it to go there. Not unlike certain American underground music cultures, where attending a performance in a stranger’s basement is commonplace, part of the allure of these spaces is an intimacy that is often lacking in the larger art world. In addition to fostering a sense of community, apartment galleries can transmit the feeling that you’ve been let in on some kind of secret — that someone has let you into their private corner of the world."

We know! Come visit us soon. Call or text 678-908-1989 or email info@fordsmithfineart.com for your appointment.

If you're a Ford Smith collector, be on the lookout for your invitation to our Collector's Party at the studio gallery this year.

If you'd like to become a collector and receive an invitation to our next studio gallery event, please email us at info@fordsmithfineart.com

AND a Ford Smith Pop-Up Gallery for the public is slated for late summer with dates and location to be announced.

THANK YOU FOR spending time with us today!

It's a joy to share art with you.

Your friends in art, Ford and Cristi. Arrivederci!

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