Empowering Healthier Living Success Stories from McGohan Brabender Customers

What does EHL stand for? Wanna take a stab at it? Employee Health List? Endless Hospital Lines? Extra Happy Life?

Here's a hint: MB practices EHL every day with our clients. We focus on giving you the power to make better choices for your company and its people. We want you to be asking the questions and thinking about new ways to use your benefits that will allow you to celebrate many more, happier, healthier birthdays.

EHL: Empowering Healthier Living.

MB and our EHL team provide access to thought-provoking tools like Lunch and Learns, Telemedicine applications, Disease Control Care, and Price Transparency vendors. Each one, sparking new thoughts to diminish the risks that bring high claims and high cost to your company’s insurance renewal. No matter the size of your company EHL can help in some way.

Our EHL team gathered stories from the people who experience EHL first-hand, our incredible clients. These people decided to dip their toes into the world of health and wellness and others decided to dive right in. Guess what? None of them have looked back. Why would they? A healthier employee makes a healthier company. Take a look for yourself.

Doug Magoto is the CFO and Controller for FC Industries, Inc. located in Dayton, Ohio. FCI has an incredible culture and employs 330 people. You would think those people are more like a family with one look at their social media pages.

FC Industries became partners with McGohan Brabender in 2017 and wanted to learn how to be more aggressive about managing their health care costs. Sure, they hosted bio-metric screenings and lunch and learns in the past -- but nothing was mandatory. FCI decided they wanted to bring awareness to their people's health because healthier employees mean a healthier company. And who wouldn't want that?

Take a look at FC Industries’ journey through our Empowering Healthier Living program, Doug's personal success story and how MB's Population Health Manager, Tiffany Kuck, taught them to trust the process... and buy-in will happen.

Lori Oppt serves as the Vice President of Operations at BlueMark Capital, LLC. BlueMark Capital is a full-service commercial mortgage banking firm employing 14 people. But quite honestly, these 14 people are family. The group has grown up together over the past 20 years and they truly care for one another.

Which explains why in the world such a small company would get involved in health and wellness initiatives. Sure, Lori admits that it’s unusual. A small employer faces many challenges when investing in this area, but in the long run, it DOES matter. The owners of the company want to take care of their people as best they can. Simple as that.

Unfortunately, this team faces some serious health issues and whatever BlueMark Capital can do to keep their employees at their desks, working, and healthy – they will do it! At the end of the day, it makes everyone happier and healthier. They believe in their culture of caring.

So what did BlueMark Capital decide to tackle first in the health and wellness arena? What other than… offering flu shots, of course! It’s one small step for small businesses, but one giant step for BlueMark Capital. Take a look at this incredible company’s journey to empowering healthier living.

Jacobs Telephone Contractors, also known as JTC, is a family-owned business with almost 70 employees. Benefits Administrator, Stephanie Furrow, says when it comes to investing in their workforce, it’s simple. They care about their employees and want to offer as much as they can to keep them and their families healthy.

JTC is 98% male and Stephanie admits they struggle when it comes to participation at their biometric screenings and smoking cessation classes. It’s all about baby steps…educating their employees and explaining the importance of knowing their numbers.

Insert MB and the EHL team. JTC and MB discovered many employees had never been to a primary care physician; some didn’t even know what a “PCP” was. So the solution was made to get rid of in-house biometric screenings, and mandate employees to get their screenings done at their family doctor.

Listen to this success story and learn how JTC was able to get their male-dominated company to buy into their health and make changes to improve their future.

Stephanie's interview is audio only.

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