Disc Golf Christian Embrey

What is Disc Golf? Disc Golf is a sport invented by Ed Headrick in 1976. It is structured similar to Ball Golf, except a disc replaces the ball, and a basket replaces the hole, the scoring is the same.

How to play- Similar to Ball Golf, there are 18 holes. You will throw off a tee pad and continue throwing until you have successfully made the disc into the basket.

Tournaments- one, two, three, or four days long. There are different tiers of tournaments which are, from smallest to largest: C, B, A, X, NT, World Tour.

The PDGA is the foundation of tournament Disc Golf. Every player must have an account, and every tournament round a player plays is rated. All the rounds are averaged at the end of every month giving a player their rating.

Disc Golf Professionals- The average Disc Golf professional makes anywhere from 40k to 100k a year, though the top two players make over 200k per year.

International Disc Golf- America, Europe, and Asia all have their own Disc Golf communities and their own string of tournaments. Started in 2014, Disc Golf professional and enthusiast Jussi Meresmaa started the Disc Golf World Tour. This is an elite tour for the top pros only with a much larger payout. It goes to seven different countries with twelve events every year and growing.

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