The Indus River valley Start your journey at the Indus River valley, where else would you go

Origin of the Indus

The Indus River valley is one of the most popular areas to settle and for a good reason.

The Indus begins in the Himalayan mountains in the North Western Hemisphere of India. It gets water as runoff from snow melting in the Hindu Kush mountains and other mountain ranges. This runoff keeps the water cold and the water level high.

The Indus River is often been compared to Egypts Nile River. Come to the Indus to make that decision yourself, you'll have a blast!

So Beautiful so Lush

The Indus River valley contains some of the best farmland in the world! This is because the Indus carries silt from the mountains to the plains. The silt makes sure that your farmland is always rich and fertile.

The Indus River has many biomes from lush forest to rocky rolling hills and mountains. The Indus also has a lot of wildlife diversity from cows to lizards to even monkeys and dogs.

Fun Fact

The Indus River receives 5 to 20 inches of rain a year. The heaviest rains are in the fall between June and October.

Now I bet you're thinking it's just a random river in India why would I want to go there? So I'm going to give you 5 reasons to come and visit The Indus River Valley

5 Reasons you Should Visit the Indus

- If you couldn't tell by the previous pictures the Indus River Valley is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. (Pretty)

- The Indus has silt carried from the mountains to the plains making the soil rich. (farming duh)

- The water is always clear and cold so it's safe to bathe in and drink. ( what I want to have a drink)

- Here in the Indus River Valley you have time for hobbies and other things like jewelry. (To make me look beautiful)

- And last but certainly not least the Indus River provides many trade routes through the river. (For the cash cash money)

In conclusion visit the Indus River Valley because you're missing out.

And if you're interested in visiting the Indus just take a left from the Deccan plateau or go to the north Western Hemisphere of India. If your from out of the continent well..... to bad


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