Schools in China By: tristan roach

As we can see in the video above, schools in China are different to schools in America. The average kid, as it states in the video, is about 5 before they enter school. In China it is around 2. America is nothing like that.

In China it is nearly the polar opposite. In the United States are kids in Primary, Junior High, and High School students are a little more relaxed. Students in China, in those same grades and schools they are not relaxed at all. Here in America we really buckle down in universities. In China it is relaxed. Students go on their phones and look up the answers. College their is a joke.

In America not everybody finishes College. In China it is near impossible to fail. The reason for this is because if more people pass the more recommended that school is to most students.

As we can see there is a way bigger difference that American schools.

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Tristan Roach


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