Racing in the Rain Quotes By: Videl Nelson

"... you make your own destiny" (68).

You are the one who chooses what becomes of you and the life you make for yourself. You are the one who decides what life you will live, who you will be, and what your destiny is. You can always turn back or go left instead of right, you are the one who determines where you will go and where you will be.

" [can] not be changed by a chance OCCURRENCE, an ACCIDENTAL WASHING, aN unexpected illness" (88).

No matter what happens to a family they stick together, even if the world is against them that stay united. Nothing, not even every force in the universe, could change the unbreakable bond each family has.

"So much of language is made of looks and gestures" (101).

This quote is so true in so many ways and most will never realize it. There may be thousands of languages, cultures, and customs and yet we all face the same issues and express feelings or emotions the same way. We as people are connected beyond how we look or act because in the end we all feel the same feelings and truly are no different from each other.

"'I don't care what you look like'" "'I see who you really are'"(105).

It does not and never will matter what you look like on the outside because on the inside you are beautiful. Looks can only take a person so far in life and it is something that can be faked or created. Inner beauty will carry someone so far in their life and it is something that cannot truly ever be faked or made up.

"The one who drives smart will always win in the end"(15r5).

In the end charm, strength, or beauty can only get you so far. If you plan for the end of the race and do what yup know and what is right you will succeed in life. Doing the right and smart thing will ensure that you have a happy future even if it doesn't seem like it at first.

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