Tattoo Stories

"The use of tattoos is recorded to have begun thousands of years ago and its history is as varied, colourful and diverse as the people who carry them" ... (Tattoo Temple, 2015).

This documentary will allow you to look into the lives of people with tattoos. Not only will you see the brilliant artwork, but you will also be given a glimpse into the stories that they carry.


Neo Traditional designs combine the elements of a traditional tattoo with modern elements and techniques. This means that these tattoos follow the rules of thick black lines and bold colours however they use a broader colour palate and usually feature a modern image or an image of the client’s desire.

Libby's Neo Traditional Tattoos

Stephen King 'IT' Tattoo

Cosmic Giraffe


Studio Ghibli Tattoo

"Home is only a feeling"


Phil is a business owner who started getting tattooed 18 years ago. From dragons to native Americans, his designs are very diverse.


Darren is a tattoo artist who has his own tattoo studio called Sacred Arts

Stencil to finished piece


Mandalas are circular designs which represent the universe in cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism and translates to “Circle” from Sanskrit. Mandalas are often tattooed in black and white with shading or done in the style of dot work. This style is very intricate and takes a lot of time and therefore requires a lot of patience. These designs are very powerful and are often a symbol of strength to the wearer.

Dalen's collection of both colour and black and white tattoos.

Has this documentary inspired you to get your own tattoo? Do you need more information from an artist? You can find Darren at his studio here:

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