Morgan Ln. Key Bridge

This Bridge plays a major part in my college career. I ran up and down this bridge fighting time. It's funny because in the beginning I only ran my heart out from the police. Back then I ran so I wouldn't get caught, but now I run to avoid parking tickets on the side of Communications and being late for class. Dropped my books and cellphone constantly and even tripped a few times, praying that no one seen it. Yes, this bridge is a game changer. On each side of this bridge are buildings where I receive knowledge to better myself each day.

"Internship Growth" I was never the person that liked to absorb or as they say pick somebody's brain. In film that is the best weapon you can have in your arsenal. Asking questions and volunteering my time to production companies has helped me reach many new platforms in my life. I try to surround myself around positive people who have my best interest at heart. I t feels good to be accepted into a field of many talented individuals who want to see you grow.
Business Owner of " Rolling Stoned Productions" I started my own business and gained a new level of understanding business. Thanks to my time here at Morgan State University, I have become more outgoing. I use to be shy and would just let ideas come to mind, but never had the energy to let them move forward.
"Camera Work"
" Filming Baltimore artist with fellow Morganite" Through my camera I have gained many new friendships and gained new business partners. Learning to tell a story from a visual aspect was nothing , but easy for me to learn. I never was this outgoing and didn't really care to meet new people. Since I have been in this field, I had the opportunity to work with a few famous people and well respected business men and women.
"Honor Roll Student" "Honor Roll Fall 2016" A brother from the " East Baltimore" maintained a 3.8 GPA for the Fall semester of 2016. All my life people told me I couldn't or I was dumb to even try or think it. As the church folk would say," BUT LOOK AT GOD." Now I have the ambition to go do better Han what I did yesterday. Looking back over my life was always the main thing he seeing me from growing, but as I look through the rear view mirror, I noticed it was smaller than the visions I have in front of me. Notice my ghetto butt did not grab the certificate. P.S I made the Deans List a second time for Spring 2017 semester!

" The Reason I work so hard"

My girls provide the fuel I need to stay focused on this long road called " Life." When I had my oldest daughter at 16 years old, I really thought my life was over. Being as though I was a teenage single dad that had full custody of a baby girl. I was confused and upset at the fact I could not do what other teenagers my age were doing because I had a baby. So I dropped out of school and took the adult role early in life. As time went by I found out that I was losing myself and in the process of that I had two more children. When that happened I realized that i needed to be in a better place than where I was currently at in life. So I enrolled myself in college after getting my GED and now I'll be graduating next spring. Thanks to my daughters who pushed me and a family who supported my crazy butt when I quit my good well paying full-time job to achieve my degree.

"Gun Powder State Park" Some Footage I filmed with my Earth Science class

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