Spike Island Volunteers Weekly Newsletter - 8th April 2017

Dear volunteers, I hope you all enjoy our new newsletter which will go out every Saturday. We will endeavour to include all the highlights of the week from volunteers' exhibits to events, talks and creative cuppas. If you would like to share content for this newsletter please let me know by emailing me on volunteer@spikeisland.org.uk by no later than Thursday each week, in the meantime enjoy! - Adriana Carvalho

New exhibition on Now: Giles Round They bow. Curtain. No applause. Andrea Luka Zimmerman Common Ground

Preview night - Highlights

The volunteers had the great opportunity to meet with the artists, Giles Round and Andrea Luka Zimmerman. They heard about the fabulous clouds in Gallery 1 whose lights are controlled by the weather outside, the strobe light that emulates Twin Peaks and a record player of especially recorded artificial thunderstorms! Andrea's exhibition with its comfy sofas and burgeoning public library lures you in to hear the stories of an incredible group of people who have stood up for the right to be heard. Have a look at the photos of the preview night below!

Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Common Ground Preview night 7th April 2017
Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Common Ground - public library - preview night 7th April 2017
Giles Round, They bow. Curtain. No applause. Preview night 7th April 2017

Events to come...don't miss out! If you would like to volunteer for any of these events please email admin@spikeisland.org.uk

Gillian Best, a native of Toronto who now lives and works in Bristol, presents a wholly authentic tragicomic portrait of family life as it is buffeted by illness, intolerance, anger, failure and regret. Free for volunteers, booking advised.
Led by artist Éilis Kirby, come and help children and parents play with colour, shape, texture and learn easy ways to create, using simple methods and materials.
Andrea Luka Zimmerman hosts a drop in event with collaborators on her film Estate, a Reverie; David Roberts, Elam Forrester and Lorna Forrester. Free, drop in.
Spike Open 2017: Evening of 28th April at 5.30pm until 1st May 5.30pm
Spike Open 2017: 28th April to 1st May. If you missed out on our session a couple of weeks ago about the event of the year - take a peak at the video below.

See below how volunteers have contributed in past Spike Open Studios and highlights of what to expect! We hope you will help us make it the best event yet!

This years promotional flyer
A snapshot of how many visitors have attended this event, comments and stories.
Past Spike events and artworks
Past performances, art and workshops
Some of these will be back this year!
We will be needing volunteers for the work being exhibited on board at the Bristol Ferry Boats during Open 2017, if you are interested let me know!
Our volunteer Nelly Mason will be exhibiting at 44AD in Bath alongside other artists. Have a look at some more information below.

Trumped - Make art great again! Exhibition 'Trumped' by Ashley Mackle - Opening night Monday 10th April and running through to 16th April at 44AD in Bath.

2016 saw a lot of unexpected occurrences happen, the only word that would best describe 2016 would be...'TRUMPED'. This feeling of being 'Trumped' is something common in all of us unless you're Donald of course. Trump, is the catalyst of such a major cultural experience of emotion. It is fascinating that someone has produced such a huge reaction around the world. This phenomenon leads to question our roles in society within the current state of affairs.
Last but not least...have a brilliant week and enjoy your time with your Spike Island community.

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