Who am I by: nicholas cantu

Life Motto

I am an athletic person , i like to play basketball and football . My sport is football though iv'e been playing for about six years now . I'm sorta a quite person at first but once you get to know me i'm a funny person and nice .

My friends see me as good person i just make dumb decisions sometimes . My friends come to me for everything when ever they need to me i got them even if its just to talk about something . My parents think i'm good boy but sometimes bad but mostly good , i get on there nerves sometimes play around with them , make them mad but they know i like to play around .

I wanna become a mechanic and get my associate degree . so that i can work on cars and maybe one day even open up my own shop , I like working on cars to see how they work and how some cars are different from each other . My favorite kind of cars to work on tho is classic's cars because they older cars and some are really loud and fast .

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