Plantation to Plate By Erin, lucy, rachael, Vicky and Jamie

The Past Of Chocolate

Cacao Beans

-Founded as early as 1900 B.C.E

-Late 1800's when the block of chocolate was created.

-Theobroma Cacao which is the cacao tree is translated into "Food of the Gods"

-Originated from South America, first used by Mesoamericans.

-Aztecs worshipped God of cacao.

-Used as reward for warriors at ceremonies.

-Remained as a beverage until late 1800's.

-Most high quality beans come from Africa and Asia.

-More than 40% of cacao beans come from certified sources.

-To create a new standard for sustainable cacao.

Chocolate: Present Times

Process of Making Chocolate:


-Flowering; growing beans.

-Growing Cacao Pods; increasing in size, differing in colour.

-Harvesting; picked and sent to processing centre.

-Removing Beans: removed by hand.


-Drying; in natural sunlight for couple of days.

-Roasting; enhance natural flavour.

-Cracking and Winnowing

-Conching; combined with other ingredients.

-Tempering; mould and cool.

-Cooking with Chocolate


Chocolate Sustainability

-FAIRTRADE Chocolate keep society clean.

-FAIRTRADE ensures farming places by guaranteeing minimal prices and for farmers to provide a better future for their families.

Fun Facts

-Most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate in their life

-Around 1,460 chocolate products bearing the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK.

The History of Coffee


What is Coffee:

-Delicious appetiser and drink

-Contains coffee beans, hot water and milk

-Beneficial for your health

Sustainable Coffee Recommendations:

-Top coffee with sustainable threads is at ACTA

-Takes care of environment's health

-This association supports the farmers who grow the beans

-Merging with chain cafes to leave a bigger impact


The Australian Facts:

-Australia ranked 47th in World

-Australia consumes about 2.9kg of Coffee

-Most popular beverages in Australia are Cappucino and Flat White



-Originated from England

-Starting in 1800's, farmers started coffee plantations in NSW and Far North Queensland

-Labour costs crippled in 1929 during the Great Depression

-After the Great Depression, plantations were planted again

Coffee in the Present

Journey of the Coffee Bean 2000+


-Planting: planted under shade

-Harvesting the cherries: take around 3-4 years to bear fruit

-Processing the cherries: seperate pulp from cherry

-Drying: sun dried

-Milling: processed through hulking machine

-Grading and sorting: sorted by size and weight

-Exporting: transported on ships

-Tasting: tasted for quality

-Roasting: transforms beans into aromatic brown colour

-Marketing: packaged and delivered to cafes

Making coffee: brewed and ready to be consumed

So the next time you eat a block of chocolate or have a cup of coffee, think of the process it went through just to get to your mouths and savour your food!


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