Good Life in Nature By sarah david

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Garden was absolutely beautiful. The museum was filled with magnificent plants of every shape and flowers of numerous colors. When I walked through the exhibit doors, I no longer felt like I was in a museum, but felt like I was in a jungle. The exhibit was appealing because it was decorated with several plants and flowers, and it let the birds and butterflies roam freely. While at the museum, I learned that the butterflies were more likely to be present when it was sunny outside. Also, I learned through the museum that butterflies like certain flowers more than others. I found being in the museum enjoyable because I felt immersed in nature, and it almost felt magical because there were so many butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

Yes, I believe the museum allowed me to have an experience where I enjoyed and admired nature. As I went through the museum, I felt as if I were in a forrest or jungle and observing nature. I was excited to see the variety of colors of all the butterflies and little birds fighting over food. It was enjoyable to also see how excited people would be when there was a butterfly or bird close and easily seen. Many people would crowd around and take pictures. My favorite interaction I saw was a little girl that was 2 or 3 years old who had the biggest grin on her face and kept screaming, "BUTTERFLIES." With the butterfly garden, the museum showed us how to appreciate nature. Being surrounded by nature caused me to feel as if we need to help protect and save the environment. The garden was so beautiful that I can not imagine a world where nature did not exist.

Nature and the Human Spirit

As I have said several times, the garden felt as if I were stepping into a different world. Walking around in so much nature makes you truly appreciate the environment. I was able to witness how beautiful and majestic nature is just by walking into this museum exhibit. Nature is majestic and can be mysterious, but the mystery of nature is what makes it so beautiful. It shows how humans have a part in this world to either protect or harm nature. The museum truly allows one to step out of the ordinary world and into nature to appreciate its majesty. Now, there is so much more nature to explore!

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