The Perception of Perfection The Relationship of John and Jacqueline Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

  • Born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Youth was filled with many sicknesses
  • Graduated from Harvard, cherished and respected amongst peers
  • Ran for senate spot in Massachusetts in 1950's and won
  • Married Jacqueline Kennedy in 1953
  • Had 4 kids
  • Served as President of the United States from 1961-1963
  • Key civil rights activist
  • Jumpstarted United States race to get to the moon
  • Assassinated in 1963
Image 1, Kennedy posing for a photo with government officials. Image 2, a painting of John Kennedy. Image 3, Kennedy delivering a speech. Image 4, Kennedy with his daughter, Caroline. Image 5, Kennedy family picture. Image 6, John Kennedy with his children, Caroline and John Jr., in the Oval Office


  • Born July 28, 1929 in Southampton, New York
  • Enjoyed horseback riding, writing, and painting as a child and throughout her adult life
  • Graduated from George Washington University and became a reporter for the Washington Times-Herald
  • Met John Kennedy in 1951 and began dating
  • Married John Kennedy in 1953
  • Her charming personality helped Kennedy win the presidency
  • Devoted her time as First Lady to help renovate and restore the charm of the White House
  • Widowed after the assassination of Kennedy in 1963
  • Married Aristotle Onassis in 1968 and died in 1994
Image 1, Jacqueline Kennedy on her wedding day, Image 2, Jacqueline Kennedy posing for a picture. Image 3, family picture of Jacqueline Kennedy and her family. Image 4, Jacqueline Kennedy next to President Lyndon B. Johnson while he is being sworn in as the President of the United States following the assassination of John Kennedy.

The relationship

  • Met at a congressional dinner party in 1951
  • John noticed her and asked her out
  • Got married in 1953
  • Together from 1951-1963
  • Had four kids; John Jr. and Caroline grew up to be adults, whereas the other two died as a result of a miscarriage
Image 1, John and Jacqueline Kennedy attending a dinner party. Image 2, Jacqueline Kennedy with her daughter, Caroline. Image 3, Kennedy family picture. Image 4,Jacqueline Kennedy playing with John Jr. and Caroline. Image 5, John Jr. stands with his mother, Jacqueline, and salutes his father's casket. Image 6, an emerald ring like the one John proposed to Jacqueline with.

Love hurts

  • John and Jacqueline Kennedy were far from a perfect couple
  • John Kennedy was a known philanderer and held affairs with various women during his marriage to Jacqueline
  • Perhaps the most famous person John Kennedy held an affair with was with Marilyn Monroe
  • Despite these issues, they were able to give the impression of a loyal, passionate couple and helped provide Americans with a sense of calm and comfort
Image 1, Marilyn Monroe, who John Kennedy had an affair with. Image 2, John Kennedy, who was known for chasing women and philandering. Image 3, Jacqueline Kennedy, who stayed loyal to John despite his many faults in the relationship. Image 4, Despite their issues, John and Jacqueline Kennedy worked together in giving the image of a unified front to help give a sense of calm to the citizens of the United States

People prefer to remember the good

  • They were memorable because they were iconic
  • John was a well-spoken and charming person
  • Jacqueline was calm, well-respected, and charming
  • They were a power couple, they represented America really well to foreign powers
  • They were young, whereas presidents and their spouses had the tendency to be older
They were the definition of a power couple at the time, and were loved by all Americans alike. They represented power, unity, wealth, and love. Much like the wax figure pictures of them above, they will be preserved throughout history.

Connection to romeo and juliet

  • John could be described as Romeo, and just like Romeo, John could find himself looking at new women very quickly
  • Both relationships persevered through difficulties, but not without the eventual downfall
  • Both relationships were cut short by tragic death
  • Everyone in both relationships came from wealthy families
Both relationships carried many similar qualities, and each ended with a tragic death.


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