Best Of 2016 Doves Best Shots

If someone ever asks me, what do I consider myself, all I can say is a photographer. Which it took me awhile to say that confidently, only once I had taken a photography class and did my first ever photoshoot, which I did for free, was I confident enough to claim the prestigious title of photographer. I remember when I first came to Topeka High and tried to be in Digital Photo 1, sadly I could not leave campus as a freshman and could not take the class, so I just kind of let the idea of taking photos go, until the day I joined yearbook and actually got a camera in my hands.

Since then I do my best to take in as much information and techniques from others about the craft in hopes that it aids my work, from the basics of shutter and aperture to the complicated process behind taking a photo and the elements that compose a good photograph. I can say that because of youtube and a few photography classes, I was able to take what I knew and expand upon it and started searching for more in my images, I learned to search the frame, have good background and foreground elements, taking a good photo is not just about knowing what to do and hoping that you get your shot. It goes beyond that, because for me my photos need to satisfy my taste, what I like and what I see as a good picture, I just hope that my vision is spectacular enough for the world to be satisfied. No matter what the case is though I will still continue to have a camera in my hands and doing as much as I can to promote myself, become a better photographer and lastly continue to take beautiful images.

Musical Comedy

Shots from Topeka High's "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" (Nov 3rd 2016)

Muggler Wedding

Photos from a photoshoot I did for a Topeka High student's parents


Vincent Carper

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