Erie Canal Matthew Williams

How It All Started
  • Hurting Economy in New York
  • became less popular for trade with other cities
  • Other cities growing rapidly in the trade industry
  • Needed to make money
An Agreement
  • an accessible route for trade was needed
  • New York government had ideas for a waterway
  • Idea of building a canal came up
  • Route designed by James Geddes and Benjamin Wright.
  • Construction Started on July 4, 1817
  • Would run from Albany to Buffalo
  • Dug by European immigrants using only small tools and shovels
  • Stretched over 524 miles
Money Machine
  • Helped make insane amounts of money
  • all debt from construction was made back in one year
  • toll booths set up throughout the canal
  • lowered prices of goods due to cheap costs of trade transportation
Greater Economy
  • cheap goods were being sold
  • led to a transportation evolution
  • population went up
Overall Effects
  • had a positive effect on New York
  • New York became popular for trade again
  • took lots of people out of debt
  • life got easier
  • lowered prices of goods and items

The Erie Canal played a key role in how New York City is prospering in business and popularity. It is now the most populated city in the United States.


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