The Book Thief by Drew marien


Savor the sun, for it might be your last.

"You will know me well enough and soon enough, depending on a divers range of variables" (Zusak 4).

Every day is just a fleeting moment. You will never know when your last day will be, when Death comes to claim you. This quote explains it perfectly, no matter how hard you try you can not escape Death, it will still come for you. So, instead of fearing death you should live every day to the fullest. Then, when it is time to go you should meet Death as an old friend and let him take you to the next life. For no matter when you leave, you should have no regrets and you should let Death separate your soul from your body.

This shows that Death will come for all no matter how strong or cunning you may try to be. All that matters is the timing of when he takes you. You should never take any day for granted, but instead you should saver every moment and capture every minute of life you can. What color will the sky be when Death comes to claim you? For it is only a matter of time, what will you do with your time that is given?

Theme 2: You must stand up for what is right

"That Was when Rudy step forward. He faced Franz Deutscher, looking up at him." He's got a problem, sir-" " I can see that!" "with his ears," ready finished. "He can't-" " Right, that's it." Deutscher rubbed his hands together." Both of you-six laps of the grounds."( Zusak 259).

Rudy did what was right and stud up for his friend. He did not let anyone dampen his sprite and he did the right thing even though he know he would be punished for doing so. So even though it can be hard to stand up for what is right. You will know that you did the necessary Acton and showed that person they are not allow and latter in life you will be rewarded for your actions.

The 1899 News Boy strike is a great example of standing up for what is right. When Joseph Pulitzer raised the price of the paper to 60 cent per-hundred instead of 50 they had to sell 10 more papers just to make the same as always. The Newsies Rallied together to say this is not right. You can not treat use like this No matter who you are we have a voice and it deserves to be herd. In doing this they also started to created the child labor laws for United states of America and stet a new plan in motion for the American kids.


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