The Adventures of Jeffery the Water Droplet.

One day Jeffery the water droplet was in his room made in the clouds when it became dark. "It must be raining," Jeffery said. Jeffery was doing his homework when he became heavy. He then realized he was falling.

"Where am I going to land? I'm scared! " Jeffery said. Then he heard a voice ,"Nobody knows where anything lands when rain falls," the voice said."How are you, how do you now that when rain falls it lands wherever it feels?" Jeffery asked," I learned about the water cycle in school last year," the voice said. Then Jeffery realized he too had learned about the water cycle.Crack, splash, splash, crack. The clouds rumbled and thundered as Jeffery fell to the ground. It was cold and he realized he was on a glacier. He started to slide, "Help me I'm slipping help," Jeffery yelled for help.

"Where am I what's happening?" Jeffery said. He had slipped from the glacier to the river Just like the game he played in science." Wait hold on this is exactly like the game I played in science then that means I'm going to head to the ocean next,"exclaimed Jeffery,"Now you got it you know now what the water cycle will do," the voice said. Then Jeffery thought about how the voice sounded like and then he realized the voice belonged to his science teacher."You're my science teacher aren't you,"exclaimed Jeffery,"Yes I am," said the science teacher, "We're about to hit the ocean hang on." They went over a waterfall and plummeted to the depths of the ocean.

Jeffery stayed in the ocean for seventeen years he kept trying to evaporate but the weather was'nt warm enough. The next day Jeffery woke up and felt so light, he looked down to see he was rising up to the clouds."Finally I'm out of there it was as dark as night down in the depths of that ocean," Jeffery exclaimed.

"Mom, dad I'm finally home, I just went through a thing called the water cycle," Jeffery exclaimed." that's nice Jeffery," Jeffery's mom said,"Me and your father went through the water cycle just now too." Jeffery learned what would happen every day for the rest of his life.


Created with images by lpittman - "divers underwater ocean"

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