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My dream job is to become a singer. I have always dreamed of being a performer! They go around singing and living their dream. The salary depends but around 45,000-65,000 per year.
My dream vacation would be any where in Europe. I would visit all the places and walk along the beach.
This is an example of good hand washing. You need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
In one of our labs we cooked steak! We learned how to set thermometers and we had to cook them to different temperatures.
We also made some chicken salad. We learned about food safety and how to not cross contamination. You have to be extremely careful with this, especially with chicken.
This is a mini stand mixer from KitchenAid. My whole life I didn't know you could attach different attachments on the front. This is so convenient because it can fit in small places and it is essential for kitchen use. $399.99
Chocolate Torte. I made this when we were learning basic math conversions. I had to do math the get the measurements for it.
Pasta salad. I made this while we were learning about liquid cooking methods. We blanched the carrots and the broccoli so it wasn't too soft and had vibrant colors.
Pavlova. I made this while we learned about separating the egg whites. I had to fluff the egg whites until they were stiff peaks.
Carrots are one of my favorite vegetables. It's native to Europe and southwestern Asia. You can pretty much grow carrots anywhere.
I would wear this to a job interview because it is professional yet not too fancy. Another reason is because it is modest and cute.
This is a delicious fruit tart. We are learning about fruits so this lab it a perfect fit for it.
We made a breakfast burrito! This applies with management. We could only have one person in the kitchen at a time with someone telling us what to do.
With this lab we were also learning about fruit. In it we baked strawberries inside of it and then we also used fruit for the glaze.
This is a formal table setting. Forks are always to the left of the plate, and the spoons would go to the right of the knife. (Not included in picture). Water and wine glass get placed at the top right of the plate.
Stress management! What I do to manage my stress is music. Whether it be playing the piano/ukulele or listening to it. There is just something about playing music that just calms me down. Also if I have a lot of things to do it helps to write it all down on paper, so you can go through it one at a time and focus on one thing at a time.
We made homemade fresh pasta! For this lab we were learning grains and I got to learn how to make homemade noodles. This was one of my favorites to make.
In this lab we made empanadas. At that time we were learning about beans and legumes. Stuffed inside are black beans and we made a yummy salsa to go with it.
In this lab we made gnocchi. At that time we were learning about potatoes and strangely enough there is potatoes in these dumplings. We made a nice cheese sauce to dip it in.
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