Extreme Weather in the UK. Seth Powell

Lately, scientists have noticed that extreme weather events are occurring more frequently than in the past. This document will show the timeline of extreme weather periods since 2000.

2003- Heatwave

Over 2000 people died because of the heat and dehydration. This particular heatwave caused a new highest recorded temperature in the U.K of 38.5*C. It was even able to cause the damage of railway efficiency as it made the tracks start to bend and it made the roads melt.

2007/8- Floods

These floods affected Hull, Sheffield and Gloucestershire. They caused many people to become homeless and some lost their lives. The severe flooding occurred in the north-east and south-west of England.

2009- Heavy Snow

Parts of the south of England were affected by the heavy snow and cold conditions with 20cm deep snow.

2009- Floods

We saw the town of Cockermouth be conquered by floods. Record rainfall fell in November.

2010- Heavy snow

Much of the UK experienced heavy snowfalls near December. Northern Ireland had a record low temperature of -18.7*C.



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