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I expect to be more familiar with the methods of presenting information visually and graphically, by using various applications upon completing this module. My personal interest is to captivate mass audiences with visuals, since technology is used more in the 21st century and exploit how familiar audiences are with social media; visuals may appeal more to the mass than words. I see myself as an individual equipped with more knowledge and the right skills to excel in the future. By learning how to use applications, which are crucial for businesses, I may be privileged when searching for employment. I, recently learned that the media industry looks for fresh graduates who are not only skilled in one aspect of communication, but multiple aspects. Therefore, this module will hopefully widen the skill set I will strive to have once I leave Taylor's.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation


This stop motion video explores a unique take on the theme ‘Play’, by re-producing the theatrical version of the balcony scene in William Shakespeare’s most renowned play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, with characters made out of clay.
Group Photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content



More Facts:

  • His involvement in the drug trade began at an early age, with him selling marijuana and opium poppy to make a decent living.
  • He is also referred to as a 'ruthless pragmatist' and 'savvy businessman'.
  • 'El Chapo' and his cartel became 'Public enemy No.1' once they became the main supplier of drugs into Chicago.
  • In order to subdue the intense battle for power and control amongst major drug cartels in the world, all cartels agreed to a 'non-aggression pact'. However, when El Chapo assassinated Juarez drug cartel leader, Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes, all cartels opted out of the pact due to El Chapos' deceit. This fuelled the current Mexican drug war.
  • All of his family members, equally involved in the drug trade as he was, were all killed: brother, Arturo, killed in prison, Son, Edgar, assassinated, girlfriend, Zulema, murdered and nephew, Obied, gunned down.

More Facts:

  • He employed 2 hitmen: Popeye & Vasquez. Popeye was responsible for over 3,300 deaths; killed over 300 and ordered 3000 to be killed.
  • Only drug lord in Columbia in 70's & 80's. Gained that title by killing his own original drug cartel leader, Fabio Restrepo, so that he could be crowned the leader of the cartel and take over.
  • He hit his record for the most deaths caused by his cartel in 1989: Bombing of Columbian Congress Building left 1000 people injured & 52 dead, was responsible for the deaths of 12 judicial officials in January & 110 deaths in the bombing of Avianca Flight 203.

More Facts:

  • She committed her first murder when she was 11-Years Old, by shooting a young boy, as a result of a failed ransom.
  • She is immune to the sight and news of murders and death as she brought herself up during a period of violence in Columbia.
  • While still a preteen, she picked up a few tactics and gained some tips on setting up and running a criminal organisation, by observing her first husband, Carlos Trujillo.

More Facts:

  • First entered street crime in Harlem in 1946.
  • Was a witness to his 13-Year-old cousin's murder, when he was 6-Years old.
  • His first robbery was after his arrival in New York, where he targeted a local bar and held victims at gunpoint.

More Facts:

  • 1973: Killed a drug dealer & sentenced to 150-200 prison years.
  • His involvement in street crime began at the age of 13 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • 1969: His gang earned over $1000 per day.
This exercise focuses on the atrocities of each drug lord. Their history, along with their fate encourages individuals to stray away from consuming drugs, for fear of ending up like they did if they were to consume. Therefore, this take on Anti-drug abuse shows the harmful effects of consuming drugs, but in a more unique manner. It also unmasks the individuals responsible for distributing drugs around the world. If not for them, the intensity of drug consumption would not be as prevalent as it is in the world today.

Exercise 3: Infographics

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile app name: luxetrip

This application allows individuals to customise their cab ride for long haul journeys. Long haul journeys are predictably lagging and monotonous, with the exception of the welcomed company of family members. Therefore, LuxeTrip is a unique take on enjoying every second of the journey, without feeling the prolonged duration of the journey, whether it may be a few hours or more.

User Login: This application requires membership. However, the method of signing up to be a member is very easy for all ages. There is no age limit.
Homepage: This page consists of all the elements which make up the customised cab ride. Each icon will lead to a different page, with the given options to choose from. Once all the icons have been clicked on & the respective pages have been visited, the app will automatically present the customised cab ride consisting of all the recorded options chosen by the individual.
Get to know us! This app is recent as it was launched in 2016. The concept of the application was inspired by 'UberEats', but LuxeTrip undoubtedly offers more luxurious benefits and options to choose from.
Choose your ride: These 4 cars were picked for 4 different purposes. Each car is available in multiple colours. This provides individuals with a clearer perspective on the different occasions each car is well-suited to and assists them in their decision, through categorisation.
Choose your ride: These 4 cars were picked for 4 different purposes. Each car is available in multiple colours. This provides individuals with a clearer perspective on the different occasions each car is well-suited to and assists them in their decision, through categorisation.
Choose your ride: These 4 cars were picked for 4 different purposes. Each car is available in multiple colours. This provides individuals with a clearer perspective on the different occasions each car is well-suited to and assists them in their decision, through categorisation.
Customisation: This page requires the individual's details of their journey. The number of people will be an important detail for the driver, as he/she can expect accordingly. The pick up & drop off location is a necessity, in order to book the cab ride. The occasion is also important for the driver, as he/she will expect accordingly and prepare accordingly. The customer is allowed to make requests. For example: If the customer would like to bring their own pet, they will request for the permission and be allowed by the driver.
Luxury Benefits: The benefits are vast, ranging from food and pets to music and gaming. The plethora of choices is given to cater to different age groups, as this app is utilised by the general public. Therefore, any individual of any age has multiple options to choose from, which suit their age. The top 3 FastFood restaurants were chosen by analysing which 3 restaurants are the most popular in Malaysia. This research method was also used for the cuisines given under continental dining. Secondly, pets are given as one of the benefits as research proves that pets help with stress relief. In addition, pets are popular amongst pet lovers and succeed in entertaining individuals, thereby making the cab ride all the more comfortable, cosy, lighthearted and warming.
Luxury Benefits: The music genres are extensively generic and serve to meet all preferences. Music is known to be relaxing and popular amongst all ages. Listening to music in the car may make the cab ride more enjoyable, with the background noise, rather than quiet. Gaming is currently popular amongst all ages as well and may occupy individuals during the cab ride, rather than leave them bored and impatient due to monotony.
Fare: This page shows the individual the costs of the cab ride, by adding the prices of the chosen elements.
Payment Details: This page requires individuals to choose their payment method and inches one step closer to finalising the booking.
Final Page: This page displays all the essential details the individual must know before confirming the booking. The driver's profile, consisting of his/her personal details is vital to the individual booking the cab ride for safety purposes. The car number is equally important for both the individual's reference and the application's tracking device on the cab ride. The final three details serve as evidence of the individual's payment.

Assignment 2: Video

Mindmap & moodboard




Final piece:group Video!


I did my first chat sticker when I was very stressed out with work. Hence, the angry watermelon. I stuck with the theme of fruits because I thought it'd be interesting to change something so ordinary into something so creative. Every presentation of each emotion consists of a theme, which means a lot to me. For example, I love reading, as does the strawberry. I consider my family the most important part of my life, hence the father and son pears. I always hope and strive to be more positive about people every day, hence the banana's hope for it to be nurtured by it's owner. Regarding the apple, it has more to do with my dysfunctional sleeping pattern, which involves me working throughout the night and sleeping at 6am. Lastly, the pineapple is a representation of the week university students dread.



1. Sleepy

The strawberry is trying to finish reading her recipe book, but she falls asleep due to how tired she is. The fatigue she's experiencing (due to cooking all day) shows in her drool and her dream; two signs of a deep sleep.

2. happy

This father and son are circus performers. They decide to do a trick/act together. This act focuses on balance and involves the father balancing himself and his son (who's nestled in his pouch) on a thin rope. He's required to jump, whilst lifting his circus hat and landing on the rope, without falling over. He's happy because he loves his job and his son has always wanted to witness his act. The passion he has for his job is evident in his excitement as is his joy to have his son with hi, watching him excel. This focuses on the familial bond between the father and son.

3. sad

This banana is sad because he expected to be nurtured by his owner. Instead, his owner deceives him and decides to kill him. The fruits in the juicer are red in the animated GIF as red symbolises death, and all the fruits are dead.

4. working

This apples hectic work schedule is showcased by the change in time. This change is displayed through the clock, the sunset, the sight of the moon and stars and the clutter on the desk, exhibiting how the apple has been working at a constant stretch. The movement of the clock hands and the sun/moon symbolise the change from day to night, indicating the apple's long hours at work.

5. angry

This watermelon is an angry university student, who's well into the 3rd Year of university. She's stressed, short-tempered, irritated and temperamental. The board she's holding symbolises her sanity and stable mental health, which is then shattered, damaged and broken as she attempts to keep herself together until graduation.

6. confused

This pineapple is a representation of the week before finals, where university students scramble to cram 2/3 semesters worth of work into a few all-nighters. He's telling himself to focus, and he's tired since he's pulling an all-nighter. After hours of attempted concentration, he gives up and is confused. The dispersed facts and figures are revolving around his brain to show how much he has to learn in one night. The position of his hands reflect his frazzled and baffled expression, showing how confused and helpless he is in understanding his work.


Created with images by coyot - "camera old retro vintage photo photography film" • claudioscott - "girl smoke cigarette nicotine woman vice smoking" • joka2000 - "No Smoking Please!" • MikesPhotos - "jaguar car vehicle auto style transportation classic" • Oldmermaid - "pasta fettuccine food" • Alexas_Fotos - "tomatoes vegetables healthy food delicious red vitamins"

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