Painting Really Small Wes Siegrist Cool Miniature Procedures at the TexArt Workshop

The Magic of Miniatures Wes Siegrist at TexArt

Miniature art is not about recreating Mt. Rushmore on the head of a pin!

So what’s the BIG secret about miniature art?

It’s that most people have no idea what it really is or for how long it’s been around! At the TexArt Workshop... Wes Siegrist is going to explain why simply painting small doesn’t mean "miniature" and he’ll be sharing with you, while he demonstrates... how miniature art began in the pages of illuminated manuscripts and rose to be one of the most popular art forms of all time.

Who has to grab a ruler, scale wheel and magnifier… tiny brushes, and a razor blade too… in addition to everything else one would normally use to create their artwork? It’s the miniaturist!

You’ll learn why miniature art has more charm, enchantment and sentimentality associated with it than any other genre in art and how to implement these aspects into your own mini masterpieces.

The miniaturist artist... is an illusionist who with knowledge and dexterity makes mere inches look monumental.

They create intimate, magical, little worlds that viewers want to get close to … and then even closer.

Close up of Niagara process

Photo: Wes Siegrist working on a miniature painting of Niagara Falls. "Is it 1,000 or 997 brushstrokes?"

Wes Siegrist will show you what to add or subtract when you’re creating grand subjects... on a small scale.

Their appeal, size and preciousness have bestowed upon them the title “Gems of the Fine Art World”.

Photo: Rachelle Siegrist painting a miniature of another painting in her composition. "How do you make something look so big when painting it so small? The secret isn’t a one-hair brush."

Photo: Rachelle Siegrist applying gold paint to a background on a painting. "What makes miniature art so enchanting? It’s not just their small size?"

Wes judging a recent Miniature Competition.

Did you know miniature art has been associated with the greatest art fraud ever perpetuated upon the public? … a miniature painting is considered the most valuable art in the world per square inch – over $1,000,000! … to paint in miniature at one time was considered the pinnacle of artistic ability … that despite being declared dead by art historians and critics, it persists today?

As a bonus, Wes' wife Rachelle will also be painting in the session and answering questions. They'll be giving away their insights and tips for maintaining your sanity working at such minute scale, and we guarantee you’ll be rewarded with amazement and joy that will have you eager to try your hand at more miniature art in your career!

Join living master, and miniature art historian, Wes Siegrist, at TexArt 2016 for the secrets and enchantment of working in miniature!

Workshop starts May 22 so Register Today!

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