Theseus and the Minotaur By: Brannigan Stiles

There was once a King of Athens named Aegeus. He needed a son so his dynasty would continue. He married a woman named Aethra who was supposedly single but was actually dating the god POSEIDON. So, theseus actual father is not really known. Anyway, aegeus sent aethra away to raise the child. BEFORE he left them though, he BURIED some weapons and ACCESSORIES under a rock and told his wife that when theseus was old enough, have him move the rock and go to AEGEUS. so, aethra raised the child on her own. he was a very strong and ruthless child that eventually was old enough to move the boulder and fulfill aegeus hope. So, aethra told her beloved son what to do and sent him on his way to Athens.

Theseus had been told that he would face many monsters and bandits on the way. One example is crusty the MATTRESS seller. Theseus defeated him no problem and went on his way to athens, defeating all the others as well.

After his long JOURNEY, theseus ARRIVED to athens where gangs were ruling everything. He knew something must be done. He needed to get to his father and tell him he was there. he slayed a bull and got a spot at a dinner with the king and his family. his wife had tried to kill theseus at first so he wouldn't ruin what she was trying to do. but, aegeus found out and finally reunited with his son.

after talking with his father and rejoicing each other, he was told of a dreadful event coming up where 14 young adults must be SACRIFICED to the minotaur in crete to be eaten. theseus would not stand for this and decided to volunteer as tribute to go and try to kill the minotaur once and for all. his father was very worried but he believed in his son. theseus told him that if he was successful he would change the sails from black to white and off he went.

so, the 14 young adults went. when they ARRIVED, the princess ariadne fell in love with theseus and gave him tips on how to kill the minotaur and get out of the labyrinth safely.

the next day, the 14 people went into the labyrinth, not EXPECTED to return. as they entered, theseus told them to stay back as he went ahead. when he found the minotaur, it tried to attack, but theseus was quick and had skill. he killed the beast after a while and returned to the fellow people. happily, they exited the labyrinth alive and untouched.

THE 14 YOUNG ADULTS LEFT CRETE, VERY EXCITED AND HAPPY. WITHIN ALL THE EXCITEMENT, THESEUS FORGOT TO KEEP HIS PROMISE AND CHANGE THE FLAGS FROM black to white. aegeus who was watching saw the flags still black and thought his son had died. in sadness and despair, he threw himself off a cliff and died. THESEUS returned to athens and heard the news. because his father was now dead, theseus was now king and went down as a hero.


Created with images by kirkandmimi - "athens acropolis ancient" • History Maps - "Greece - Theseus Facing the Minotaur"

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