The Vietnam War The Second Indochina War

Anthony's Book: A Rumor of War by Phillip Caputo

Kylie's Book: A Rumor of War by Phillip Caputo

The Beginning of the War

Anthony and Kylie's Book:

In our book, a conflict pitted the Communist government of Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam, known as the Viet Cong, was against the government of South Vietnam and its main ally, the United States or America. In Vietnam called the "American War" the war was also apart of a bigger regional conflict and a manifestation of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union's respective allies. North Vietnam wanted to unite the Country as a Communist Nation, while South Vietnam wanted to be more like the West. The Viet Cong moved units into South Vietnam who alerted the US, who had sent active combat units at a large scale. Causing the Vietnam War.

Life during the Vietnam War

In Anthony and Kylie's Book:

Phillip Caputo descibes the way the South Vietnamese people are living and the conditions they're under. He describes seeing them scared and terrified. Some were sick from the Agent Orange that was being sprayed during the war. Also he saw the deceased who were either killed in the line of action helping out against the Viet Cong or just was just caught up in the line of ire.

Combat Conditions

Anthony & Kylie's Book:

In the book the environment Caputo describes while fighting the Viet Cong was the jungle. The jungle was a major obstacle for soldiers during the Vietnam War as the terrain and humidity had some of them passing out and injuring themselves due to the extreme conditions. On the other-hand the Viet Cong had an advantage as they were adapted to the land and were excellent at knowing where to go within the jungle and were able to camouflage in plain sight.

Training for the War

Anthony & Kylie's Book:

In the book Caputo described the USMC's Boot-camp a living "hell." During the 10 weeks of boot-camp recruits are trained to the max with 5 mile runs/hikes, white glove checks, and obstacle courses that tested their sanity and strength. After bootcamp recruits are now privates and would be put into the front lines instantly or sent to Japan to train just like Caputo was.

Life on the Frontlines

Anthony and Kylie's Book:

Caputo was sent to the frontlines 3 times throughout the war. Him and his men at first were just fighting mosquitoes more than the Viet Cong he descirbes during the first time. After some time their were little fights between small Viet Cong units, but after that Caputo was sent to training in Japan. After spending the necessary time he needed, he is sent back to Vietnam and loses his sanity after the first day, but still manages to keep himself together. He is then sent back to America aboard a cargo plane with the dead and brought back to Vietnam for the last time. During this time he says that he mostly burnt down villages and towns that were suspected to have Viet Cong. He then orders an execution on two teens who helped the Viet Cong which caused him to be trialed for murder. He was pledged not gulty and a month later left Vietnam and was honorably discharged.


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