Exploration #1 BY: KELSEY fREED

What are my research interests? The vegan movement. The benefits of going vegan and how it really helps our environment
What do you want to know more about? I want to learn all about the inside of the vegan lifestyle. Why they do it. What they want to help the most. How intense and hard is this lifestyle really is.
What are you curious about right now? I want to learn more about the transition between medical marijuana to it becoming legal. The legal process behind this up and rising new laws in some states.
How does this area relate to film? Marijuana relates to film in many ways. This conversational topic is the latest buzz and movie makers are all over this topic to find out whats really happening behind the scenes of this topic.
What do you want to know more about? I want to learn a lot more about the effects of fast food. Short-term/long-term.
What is truly in the food we are eating? Knowing what is in the food we eat is very interesting to me. Things that are said to be healthy are not at all. How do we separate what is good and bad from each other? How do we really know its good if food producers are lying to us about what they are advertising.

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