How to get started For Daycare Providers With allows you to sell open daycare spots and maximize revenue for your center. Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Register

Sign upĀ as a daycare on then, confirm your email.

Once you confirm your email you will be able to add additional classrooms by using the top left menu > classrooms > add classroom

Hopping In allows your regular customers to register under your daycare at & drop spots on the calendar if they'll miss a day for any reason. This way, there will be even more open spots for customers to choose from and buy so you can earn more revenue for your daycare.

In the "Credit offered to parents..." field (required), Enter a small (or large) credit you're offering ONLY if their spot sells. Don't worry you always get an email to approve parent drop requests before they are listed as available (Minimum credit must be $5.02. ). If you don't want to use this feature, still enter $5.02 and notify your parents not to use the drop spots feature on Hopping In.

Step 2 - Open Spots

Select a classroom to open spots in and then click " Open up spots"

Click the days you want to open. The little numbers beneath the dates show you the max. amount of spots you can open based on the capacity you initially entered for that classroom.

If you need to close any spots later, you can do it the same way using using the "Close Spots" button. Don't worry, Hopping In tracks everything to make sure you don't go over capacity.

On the next screen, select the amount of spots you want to list as open to your customers for each date you selected on the previous screen.

Step 3 - Sell vacant Spots to Customers

Your spots will be listed as available to your customers who registered under your daycare at

Step 4 - let your existing customers know to register with hopping in

Ask your customers to go to, select your daycare and then they can browse and purchase days.

Provide them with a flyer about Hopping In. Here's a sample you can use.

If the days the parent wants are unavailabile, they can tap days to be added to the waitlist. They'll be notified by email the second anyone opens a spot!

Use our Facebook and Instagram ads to announce your Hopping In program!

Here's a sample Instagram Ad. Make sure it links it to

Step 5 - watch the cash roll into your PayPal account.

Any time there's a sale, waitlist request or a drop request by a regularly-scheduled parent, you will be notified instantly by email. You can also view all the activity by going to menu > transaction history at any time.

Need more help? Watch this step-by-Step setup Video


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