Discrimination In The Workplace Wage gap between whites and blacks


Civil Rights in the Workplace

In the modern America many people believe that racism has dissolved and that blacks and whites are considered and treated as equals. According to CNN, blacks are currently making 26.7% less than whites for the same job. Also, according to CNN it has gotten worse throughout the years. This proves to those who believe that everything is equal that it is not and that blacks are harshly treated and paid. However, it is not okay for people to pay blacks less than whites just because of their skin color. This is ultimately because of two reasons, racism and segregation.

First, racism is one of the major similarities between the civil rights movement and the wage gap. Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Based on this definition, it is clear that our country is still racist today because of the wage gap between races. One source that proves this is the guardian, they say, “there is still racism in this country, but we think or at least believe it is getting better.” This is based off of the fact that the wage gap has increased in America since the last 1900’s. This clearly proves the fact that there is still racism in the United States today even though many people believe that racism has been distinguished. Further evidence also proves this point. In 1979 the wage gap between black women and white women was 6%, but in 2015, the wage gap was 19%. In 1979 the wage gap between black men and white men was 22% lower, but it was 31% lower in 2015 (theguardian.com) . This proves that it was a steady decline since 1979 and that racism still very much exists in this country and is in fact growing. This is a clear connection to the civil rights movement because racism is very alive in both and fueling the cause for both movements.Therefore racism was one of the main similarities between the original civil rghts movement and the current day civil rights movement.

It is also slightly different because now they ave been educated equally and are able to do the same or better job as whites.. At every level of education, blacks are still paid less than whites (epi.org). This means that if a black worker goes through the same college and gets the same grades as a white person, they will still be paid less because they are black. During the civil rights movement many of the blacks could not read and were not as educated as whites and they did not get paid as much, but now they are as educated if not more and are still not getting paid as much. This clearly proves it is different than the original civil rights movement because blacks are just as educated as whites. Also more evidence proves that they are being paid less because of still existing racism. According to usnews.com the gulf (wage gap) has become greater due to discrimination in the workplace. This means that they will be segregated in the workforce and not able to get the same opportunities to make money in the workforce. This is different than the civil rights movement because during this time they have the chance to be in the workforce and they are still segregated, but during the civil rights movement they did not even have the chance to get in the workforce. Therefore, it is different than the original civil rights movement.

To get involved and fix this problem the best solution would be to make people aware of the issue. Many people may know that there is a wage gap, but they likely do not know how big it is and how much less blacks are being paid than whites even if they are similarly educated. According to NPR, If there is less discrimination and people are aware of the cause then the wage gap will be more fair. More evidence from NPR also proves this point. They say that discrimination is, “the portion of the gap that remains after we control for all other factors that would reasonably influence one's earnings.” Therefore, to fix this people need to eliminate discrimination and become aware of the issue.

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