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Ten years ago, all the super humans vanished in a battle against the power of Ragnarok, who had built a so-called "battle tank" to eliminate all the super humans leaving him with the most power of all. On the day everyone calls "Mystery Day", because nobody knows where the super humans could've gone. However, there is one person who did not disappear: Max Dalton. However, he has been trying to keep a very low profile. Currently, two teenage boys secretly discover that they has superpowers, and they find out that they were inherited. Danny, one of the boys with powers, unfortunately had his dad replaced for the thirteen years of his life, being replaced by the villain Facade, who is able to shape-shift, including turning into a replica of another person. One day, Danny was kidnapped in an airport and held in a facility by the villain Facade and was tested on, but he was able to escape with the help of his superpowers. To help his family and friend Collin and his family, he must escape on his own and get help on where to find his parents from Solomon Cord. However, Collin is being kept in a place for lost children. He and another teenager there escape, make friends, and try to find Danny while the other teenager nick-named "Razor" tries to comprehend the fact that this puny kid next to him is a superhuman. Together they fight through the life of not having the best place to sleep at night and not knowing how much longer it would be until they had their normal lives again; if ever. On his adventure, Danny has visions about his future the resembles the "Quantum Prophecy" in the story. He has visions of a war of clones of himself, something that his real father (not the shape-shifting Facade) had already warned him about, even though Danny didn't listen. This is why Facade and Joseph (Quantum) want to take away the powers of the new generation of super humans. Collin eventually finds Solomon Cord and Max Dalton. However, Solomon and Collin notice something suspicious when they are trying to get Collin and Danny's parents back. Max Dalton is acting as though he wants to lead Solomon Cord and Collin right to Facade. They figure this out and are caught by surprise when they come across Facade. Collin is taken in for examination. Rachel, Facade's assistant, locks up Collin and Solomon, they decide what they will do to start up the power damper, but it could cause brain damage (like seizures) to about sixty thousand people around the world, but still take away the powers of all the super humans. Collin escapes from the examination room and punches his way through the floor to where the nucleus, the source for the power damper is. Solomon Cord, Renata (Diamond), Collin, and Danny find the best way to turn off the nucleus because it has a shell that will make anything disappear into nothing as long as it is moving slower than the speed of light. Danny uses his phasing power to reach his arm into the nucleus to turn it off, but he has to turn his arm to solid to turn off the machine inside the nucleus. However, this would mean Danny would have to sacrifice his arm (you can't have a solid running through your arm without it being cut off. In the end, the nucleus was terminated, but Danny had to get his arm amputated in the hospital. Solomon Cord went back to his home with his wife and two daughters, and Max Dalton is being held in a prison hospital. No one knows where Victor Cross is; he vanished in hopes that the nucleus would activate. All Danny can think about now is his vision of himself with a mechanical arm, leading an army.


  • England
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • California



  • Danny Cooper: super speed
  • Colin Wagner: enhanced hearing & strength ability
  • The Heroes:
  • Solomon Cord (Paragon): Had gadgets & fighting skill to defeat villains (No powers)
  • Renata (Diamond): Can turn into diamond and make herself invulnerable
  • Colin's Dad (Titan): super strength and flying*
  • Colin's Mom (Energy): Can absorb and exert energy in a different form.*
  • Danny's Dad (Quantum): super-speed and ability to see into the future*
  • And more


  • Victor Cross
  • Facade: Shape-Shifter; could look like other people; took the place of Collins dad for most of Collin's life.
  • Ragnarök
  • Max Dalton: Has the ability to control people's minds*

(*These super humans lost their powers by Ragnarok's power-dampening machine ten year before present day (in the book)*)

Important Quote

While trying to do his homework, Colin couldn't get the thought out of his head that Danny might be a superhuman after that day's events. He though to himself, "Suppose it's true? Suppose Danny is superhuman? Maybe he's been one all along, but kept it a secret. Or maybe Danny didn't even know. This could be the first time he's ever done anything like that. If superpowers were inherited, wouldn't that mean that one of Danny's parents is a superhuman, too"(Carroll 31)? This quote is important because it reveals the fact that Danny has inherited superpowers from his parents, who used to be one of the super heroes that thought to have "vanished". It reveals the plot to the rest of the story.


The theme this novel is that real friends always stick together until the end. In this story, Danny and Collin were in it together trying to find their parents, defeat Ragnarok, and try to find the their families who were very far away. All this happened even though Danny And Collin are only 13 years old. This is very surprising to the reader because the average thirteen-year-old would not be able to do that, but Danny and Collin were. The theme is also proven because Danny risked his life (even though he knew he would die if he didn't risk his arm. However, he was also risking his life. He could have died had it not been for his confidence and calmness level turning of the nucleus. Both Danny and Collin performed well under a lot of stress, knowing that one small mistake could cause international problems for society. They were also being depended upon by very important people, and they were also facing some very powerful people. Keep in mind that Danny and Collin had only found out that they had acquired powers a little over one week before facing Ragnarok.

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Author Background/Biography

  • Michael Carroll was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1966.
  • Michael Carroll left school at the age of 16 to become a postman.
  • During the next 3 years, Carroll taught himself computer programming.
  • At the age of nineteen he joined a software company.
  • Carroll remained in the software industry throughout the nineties, writing in his spare time.
  • He now writes full-time, having published a number of science fiction, fantasy and romance novels in Ireland, the UK and the US.
  • Carroll has also published award-winning short stories and articles.
  • He also contributes to science fiction and fantasy magazines, along with websites.
  • His work has been translated into French, German, Italian, Swedish and Polish.
  • He has also written and performed plays for stage and radio.
The author of many books, including the Quantum Prophecy series, Michael Carroll

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Smiley-Face Tricks

  • "Danny said, "Maybe they go for quality over quantity." Brain sighed, shook his head and sat down again. "So what time's the Party tomorrow night, Col?"(Carroll 20).--Humor
  • When Colin explained to his mom, Caroline Wagner, what had happened to his sister Susie earlier in the day, he said, "And the next thing we knew there was a really loud crunch as the bus hits her bike" (Carroll 24).--Onamotopoeia
  • The first chapter is a flashback of "Mystery Day", when almost all the super humans disappeared and lost their powers because of Ragnarok's battle tank.
Front Cover of The Awakening


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The three books in the Quantum Prophecy series: The Awakening, The Gathering, The Reckoning (very ambiguous titles)

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