Apple is better than Samsung (By a whole lot)

I strongly, overall the connectivity of the IPad, iPhone and MacBook between these devices is something Android has not matched yet match without relying on a collection of third party applications and services to hodgepodge together a similar feature.

An iPhone connected to a MacBook

Firstly, Sharing a file or document between and iPhone, iPad and MacBook is also faster thanks to AirDrop. This built in service sends the file wirelessly directly to the device, even if there is no wifi to be found.

Secondly, Apple is always thinking of new ideas, so this symbol symbolise that their products are coming out so fast their "on fire." In comparison to Apple, Samsung's iOS updates come slower and are not as good. Apples updates Are quick and efficient, they also are more frequent, but Samsung updates take months to get more.

Lastly, Founder of Samsung Lee Byung-Chul, disappointed that Apple is way better than Samsung, why? Well because Apple produc†s have apple-warranty and IPhone care

In summary, iPhone apps are first to release and better. Many platforms are on both devices but, the top games and applications come to the App Store first. Some apps may be better on a android device but here are some apps, that are exclusive to Apple. About 110 apps are only available on Apple devices, which include:Apple Maps, Huntington, Soundcloud, Netflix, NFL Mobile, Tactile wars, Clash Royale and Clash of clans and An example of what these apps do are:Tactile Wars: A fun online multiplayer game where your objective is to capture points to turn it into your colour, you can unlock different sergeants. Who have completely different skills and powers.Huntington: This app allows you to bank on the go, right from the comfort of wherever you are. You'll be able to view you're bank account and details of it.Soundcloud: This app is the worlds largest audio and streaming platform. It's enormous catalogue feature, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Classic, Electronic music and Audio-books.


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