Hermes and Usain Bolt By: Alexis and Anthony

Both Hermes the messenger god and Usain Bolt a gold medalist both compare to each other. Both lead the people they are around. Hermes leads the gods because without him they would have no idea what was going on around them. Usain leads because he is always in the front of each race he competes in.
Both of them have a signature look. Usain always wears green and yellow and wears his flag. To compare Hermes wears shoes and a hat with angel wings on them. He also has a staph it the two snakes on it.
Both Usain and Hermes are very fast. There is never a time were either of them can slow down.
They are both cocky. When Usain ran this past Olympic year he was so ahead of his competitors that he smiled for the camera. Hermes thought that he was all that in a bag of chips because he was a messenger for the mighty gods. But on the other hand the arrogances of both men really paid off because Usain is know world round and so is Hermes.

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