Edward Gein "the texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE"

Gein was not an organized killer because his house was full of DNA everywhere, even faces too. He even left the grave yard looking mysterious. Edwards child hood was not all that great. His mother was very like a queen she had to say what you did and why, His father was a drunk and would beat them, by them i mean him and his brother and his mamma. That's right he has a brother named Henry but he died just a few years after his mom died. Soon his father died as well, then he was all alone living in the house. Edward was had a mental problem which made him slow and insane. That's how all the killing and skinning started.


Edward Gein would takes the skin from under ground corpse and skin them and use it for everything. He also wanted to be a girl so he would cut of women parts and sow them on to him as well as breast. After he had killed these two girls he would do the same thing to them. Gein was a gruesome killer to women, he would only use the men for there faces to sit on to wear for his face or other objects. It was his hobby and fascination to skin and to kill. After the police found him he was put into the mental institution for 10 years. Later on, he died of heart failure.

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