Life Nature Activity by melissa lorquet

As I walked through the Natural History Museum, this display caught my eye, because it was unlike no other. When I heard of this museum, I thought it would have displays of nature itself. For example, butterflies, frogs, and flowers. I was surprised when I saw a display of Native Americans. This display probably shows more history than anything else in the museum. This is a display of Native Americans communicating with each other. Having friends with me, while exploring America's history was more fun than I thought it would be. I learned that Natural History isn't about plants or animals, it's about people also.
The Natural History Museum allowed me to experience nature in the way Leopald recommends. I felt peaceful, adventurous, and curious. The Museum had natural artifacts at every corner, and even a butterfly garden. I felt like a scientist finding out that there is a new element I needed to add to the periodic table. Visitors are able to connect with nature's history, as they explore various parts of the museum. Many children that were around me had astonished faces as they looked at different displays. As my visit came to an end, I felt ethically responsible in keeping the things that make nature beautiful, safe.
Now, in this modern day and age, many people do not go outside to experience the good things nature is willing to show us. Many people spend most of their time indoors on their electronics. Visiting the Natural History Museum was a step away from what many are used to doing. Visiting this museum gave me a glimpse of my history, and made me appreciate nature.

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