My experience there was great. I enjoyed my time at the museum observing different natural exhibits. My favorite exhibit was the cave exhibit. This museum is different from other museums because of the lightning and the museum was more appealing. Overall, this museum was a great experience and I am looking forward to coming back.

I find this exhibit appealing because of the natural aspect of recreate cave. The exhibit caught my attention because of the room that was intriguing. I learned about a variety of things such as the minerals, hydrology, cave life and the fossils in its limestone layers. I enjoyed the darkness in the room.

Yes the natural museum provided me with a opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommend. I thought it showed division of power in the community. Other people react to the exhibit by admiring the art work because it showed the community coming together. Yes, it instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines because i appreciate the land more and I think we should preserve it.

I enjoyed this exhibit because I got to experience nature. It helped me step out my ordinary life by enjoying nature and learning the importance of conservation. The exhibit helps me understand the natural world by learning and visualizing conservation efforts.

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