Alexander the Great By : Carter Merrill

Alexander the Great was born in July of 356 BC in Macedonia. His father was King Philip II of Macedonia and his mother was Olympias. Alexanders father ruled the kingdom of Macedonia. This meant that later on in Alexanders life he would rule the Kingdom. At the age of 20 Alexanders father died and now he was the rightful ruler of the Kingdom. Many people didn't want him to be the King since he wasn't full Greek, But his mother fought for him and he became the ruler.
When Alexander became King many people thought he wasn't right for the job. His father knew how to rule a kingdom but Alexander was only 20 and didn't know what he was doing. The first group of people to try and overthrow Alexanders Kingdom was Thebes. Thebes wanted to do this for a long time but knew they couldn't against Phillip II; But now that Alexander is King he went after Thebes. Alexander Killed everyone and lit the city up in flames. This was a statement battle for Alexander to show his abilities and what he could do to anyone who wanted to overthrow him.
Alexander the Great's most famous battle was when he faced the Persian Empire. The king of the Persians was Darius III. They battled right at the Granicus River. The battle lasted for months until Darius decided to retreat his troops and himself. Alexander didn't want to quit so he followed the Persians back to there Kingdom and went after there whole city. Alexander then went for Darius and Murdered him. Alexander then conquered the Persian Empire and claimed it for himself.
In the summer of 327 BC Alexander the great married Roxane. Raoxane is the daughter of Actrian chief Oxyartes. After conquering Asia Alexander captured her and forced her to marry him. He was married to her until 324 BC. the later on in 324 BC he married 2 new women Parysatis II and Stateira II. Out of these 3 women Alexander the great had 2 sons.
Alexander the Great was one of the most successful kings to ever rule a kingdom. He conquered many cities, had a strong kingdom and a very strong military. Unfortunately everything must come to and end and in June 323 BC Alexander the Great lost his life. Alexander is known for how much stuff he accomplished at such a young age. To me Alexander id the Greatest king there ever was for the stuff he did. Alexander the Great truly is GREAT!!

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