Sewable Circuit Bracelet Lauryn sAkil


To make my sew bracelet light up I needed:

1. A piece of felt for the base of the bracelet

2. Iron felt (for the design)

3. 1 battery holder

4. 1 Battery

5. A needle

6. Long piece of thread

7. Scissors

8. A LED light

My design before I made the bracelet

I first had to cut a long piece of thread and place it into the needle. Next I had to make a starter knot using by finger and tying it around then pulling it through. I decided to put the LED light on the design I made (one of the hearts) and the battery across from it. The knot is to also help it stay in it's place.

After the knot was made the next step was to make a hole in the negative or positive then sew the thread into the felt and light three times for it to be secured. It didn't matter which one to start with, just to make sure the positive is lined up with the positive and negative with the negative. That way it can be sewed, tied, and stitched with the proper one. I wanted to first start with the negative and after I tied it three times it was then time to do a running stitch to the negative on the battery. After the negative side was done I finally had to do the same steps for the positive. When the positive was done being sewed in and stitched to the battery, I had to make one last knot behind the positive side of the battery.

Shows where and how the negative and positives are sewed to the battery holder (front side)
Shows where and how negative and positives are sewed to the battery holder (back side)

After the sewing and stitching was done, it was then time to make the LED light up. The battery was then placed in the battery holder on the correct side it was meant to line up with (negative and positive). On one side of the battery there is a " + " for positive. While on the back it is negative. When the battery was properly placed I could light up the LED light by simply switching the on and off switch (located on the battery holder).




I thought about adding a piece of felt to cover up the battery and holder because I didn't like how it looked. The holder and battery was too noticeable on my bracelet. I didn't get a chance to do that but that was going to be one of the modifications on my bracelet. Another modification I could've tried to fix was the size of the bracelet. Once I tried on my bracelet and snapped it together, there was space in between my wrist and bracelet. This meant it was too big.


1. Make sure the positive is matched up with the positive, and the negative with the negative.

2. If you want the thread to go through the needle make sure it is pointed at the tip and not bent or pieces are separated. If the tip is seperated, cut it off with scissors so that the tip can be pointed and able to go through the needle.

3. When making a battery secure to the felt, sew it three times through so it doesn't fall out. Also make sure the knot is tight enough to keep it in place.

4. When applying the snaps don't apply them on the same side. Apply two the back and two on the front. Make sure the snaps are faced up or down correctly.


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