Sugar Timeline BY Tom, austin and jeremy

Sugar was first discovered by the Papanui Guineans about 5,000 to 8,000 years ago, when it blew across the seas and they decided to plant it with there crops. As it turned out when it was harvesting season, they came to find it was very sweet to eat. They started to use it to sweeten there foods. But that leisure didn't last long, because in approximately 710 BC the Polynesians soon found out about their secret , and came to raid them taking with them sugarcane.

Sugar quickly became quite popular in Polynesia because it was quite superior tasting over honey, which the Polynesians used before the raid on Papua New Guinea. It spread from Polynesia to India, but no further for several centuries.

In the seventh century BC, the Arabs did an attack on Persia taking many valuable items as part of their loot they took sugarcane.

In the year 510 the Persian emperor with the name of Darius came to invade India. In his precious loot he collected a sweet plant substance that the Indian people used to sweeten their food, you guessed it sugar cane.

In the fourth century BC, Alexander the great defeated parts of Asia and took home with him what he called "Sacred Weed". before long Ancient Greece, then Rome began to import Cane Sugar to reduce hunger, satisfy peoples urge for sweet taste and to use as a mysterious medicine used to curer.

Throughout a few years of raiding and trading, sugar quickly reached a massive number of places being: Southern Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Rhodes and North Africa (Morocco and Tunisia).

The Arabs having good amounts of sugar they took some sugar cane to Portugal and Spain because everyone liked it, it made a good profit from selling sugar cane. Both Spain and Portugal became very good at finding multiple places to grow sugar cane throughout their countries, they also became quite active in trading and selling quite regularly. The trading increased, so did the money.

In the year 1493 a famous explorer with the name Christopher Columbus decided to take some sugarcane to the island of Santiago so he could trial plant it. The experiment went well and the new plant flourished and year in the scorching heat. Regular down pours of rain and nice fertile soil. This successive experiment was a colossal landmark in the history of sugarcane, as Columbus told Spain's current Queen that sugarcane grows better in the west indies than anywhere else in the world where sugarcane grew.

The New World

When Columbus had finished his voyages in the west indies Europeans traveled excitedly to this money making country to start a new life. In the wake of this discovery, the sugar markets in the mediteranan were threatened by all the compition. Famers from Britan, France and Holland made the most of this discovery and grew sugar on plantations in Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and the West Indies. These plantaitions grew sugar for export and in the early stages, the local population was employed to look after the cane. A few years later because huge amounts of famers were nessessary a large number of slaves were shiped from Africa to control the plantations. Sugar farming became so profitable that people soon refered to sugar as gold, because owning a sugar plantation was said to be like owning a goldmine.

In Britan, and most of Europe, honey was the ingrediant most commonly used to sweeten foods. The first British person to ever taste sugarcane was probably cristian soldiers called crusaders who fought muslims in the first crusade to syria in 1099. As sugar couldn't grow in the British climate sugar was not avalible to the British people until trading and transportation had developed saficiantly for sugar to be brought into the country.

It was reported that the house hold of Henry the III was using sugar in 1264, but not until 1319 was sugar in more general use in Britan. It was sold for $100 a pound so therefor it was very much a luxury item only that rich people could afford and enjoy.


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