Learning Guide 4 photography a period

How do we learn to see? This is the million dollar question. Before we just pick up a camera and start taking photos we must understand what we are trying to take a picture of. Most photographers haven't figured this out yet, and thats okay, but before we just pick up the camera and start taking photos we must understand and realize what image were trying to capture. Once we figure out learning to see, were golden. The ability to understand what and how your going to photograph something is important because once we learn to see we will start to make better photographs and share them around the world so that everyone else can start doing the same too. Understanding the color theory as a photographer is important. The color theory helps you take and fix the right picture. If you understand the color theory it will help you get the perfect lighting for the perfect picture and you will ultimately get the result you want.

The one thing I like about this photo is it gives you a great view at Duke Arena. The gym is very historical gym and people come to watch baylor play in there sometimes just to see the historical gym. I like this picture because I like Duke Arena and have played and practiced in there many times. One thing I do not like about this photo is you can't see the whole gym. I feel like if I could have gotten the whole gym in the picture it would have been a better picture.

I personally like this picture because the weight room is where I spend most of my time when at baseball practice. This picture is cool because it gives you an inside look at our weight room. One thing i don't like about this picture though is that it is blurry. I tried to focus the camera as much as i could but the picture still turned out blurry. This picture is cool because it shows the workplace for a lot of the athletes at Baylor. It also shows how much money and effort the school put into making our sports programs elite.

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