Filtering for Prospects via text, facebook, & other social media outlets

Hopefully you're reading this piece after reading through and studying Prospecting Tips & Mindset for New IBOs. The filtering philosophy is explained in more detail in there than it is here; this is only an extension of it. So if you're here because you just couldn't wait to click even though I said not to, go back! Just click the link below:

What this is going to briefly cover are just a few basic tips on filtering over text, Facebook, or any other texting platform, like email, twitter, etc. One thing I want to be extremely clear on is what you learned in Prospecting Tips & Mindset for New IBOs applies here exactly as it does when filtering over the phone talking to one another. The dialogue may be a bit shorter, but the philosophy is 100% the exact same. So don't think just because we're not having to actually "talk" to another person doesn't mean we change everything we already know and do. Simple enough?

You'll see more examples of text messages and personal Facebook messages on here than anything, but we will discuss major points that I want to get across throughout. I'm going to show you what I did personally as far as filtering over digital platforms when I first got started, to how I do it now typically, and the many different types of responses I've gotten from people. This is to show 1) some types of messages I've had success with, 2) ones that weren't too effective, and 3) some of the responses I've gotten back and how I handled them. My goal is to help and prepare you for some of the most common responses you'll likely get when filtering over some sort of texting platform.

Let's start with a few examples of some recent messages I've sent out and have had some pretty good success with, that way you can see how I initiate the process, how it flowed, and how it ended.

(Note: Most of my messages are sent out with a quick form of small-talk, i.e. "Hey man, what are you up to?" or "What's up buddy, how are things going these days?" Something to that effect. So I will not include that part of my message in most of the examples.)

Example 1

Okay, so as you can see in this first text message, it's pretty straight forward and to the point. Simple. I didn't beat around the bush, I didn't try and tell him everything, and I didn't try and convince him. Carrying the filtering philosophy into this, I'm not looking to convince him to get in, I just simply want to know if he's looking for something else right now, and fortunately for me, he is. Awesome.

You can use this type of message to send to any of your close friends or family if you want to, probably without even adding in small talk before asking the question. If you have good rapport with the other person, feel free to straight up message them with something like this. With friends you haven't spoke to in a few years or people that you meet along the way, this probably isn't the immediate route to go with them, but I'll cover that soon.

If you get a response like I did in Example 1, the next step is to either a) schedule a time you guys can talk on the phone and continue the filtering process, or b) refer them to your upline coach to filter them for you. Here's what that can look like:

Example 2

Just like with the 50/50 phone calls we can make with our upline, what we do is initiate the conversation, simply ask the question, then hand them over to our upline coach who can then properly filter them for you. It's a very effective and safe way to filter your prospects.

This next one is just another way you can ask someone via text. Something like this can be used typically for people you've met at the gym or grocery store, or even just friends you know. (Remember, you can word your texts and messages to your own liking. This is just how I send mine, but I encourage you to word yours how you see fit.)

Example 3

Again, just another way of going about asking the question to someone after a little bit of small talk. Customize it to your liking.

Alright, in this next one is where things start getting a little less smooth. We as IBOs expect our prospects to be grateful and appreciative when we ask them if they're looking for an opportunity, and ultimately answer back with a, "YES! Of course!" Being that this is in fact a people business though, you can also expect to run into many more responses than just a simple yes.

You'll most likely get responses back like "Well what are you doing?", or "It depends, what is it?" Or my favorite one, "What's the name of the company?" (LOL) Keep in mind none of these actually answer your initial question to them. Going back to filtering philosophy 101, we're looking for either a YES or a NO, period case closed.

Take a look at Example 4 then we'll talk about it.

Example 4

As much as I want to straight up rip him to shreds after not actually answering my question, I simply respond back with a short explanation of why I can't and more importantly won't give him more info like he wants. (This is why reading people skill books from the LTD book list is important.) Instead, I immediately refer back to my first question to him, almost making him say yes or no, and nothing else. Make sense?

Now what about when they don't respond back like Ryan did? When I let him know why I couldn't give him more info, and asked if he was looking again, he finally just said no. Unfortunately some people just don't get the point and will continue to bust your chops to get you to tell them something, but opposition comes with running any business, ours is no different . In this next one, I've already told Brooke that I don' know much, that I can get her in contact with the person that's helping me to better answer her questions, but I would need to know if she's even looking first. Here is her response back to that:

Example 5

As you probably guessed while reading, Brooke would fall into the "curious" category, aka NO. She is only wanting to stick her nose into this, or quite possibly she's had a bad experience with someone else approaching her about an opportunity, or whatever else. Regardless, our filtering process is a strict one, and we have to uphold those standards in all phases of the filter. Again use your people skills here, but if the person just cannot answer your question with a definite answer after a couple of tries, nicely tell them they probably wouldn't be a good fit for what we're doing right now, and say to yourself "Next." Get really good at saying that!

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