Mustang Run November 2016

Right before Thanksgiving my dad and I had the opportunity to run out and hit the road in search of photo opportunities. With the entire Owen's Valley at our disposal for a day, we weren't hard-pressed to find things to point our cameras at. For this trip however, we decided to spend our one day just across the Nevada border in search of the wild Mustangs we crossed paths with this summer (when heading back from Canada). Photos tell the day:

Headed towards Nevada. We were briefly hit by a dust storm that nearly enshrouded the RV ahead of us.
Various shots of the Owen's Valley from the car.
Entering Nevada
Montgomery Pass, Nevada - Some of the first sights across the state border.

Past farm and ranch land, extensive sage fields, snow-dusted mountains, forested hills, and abandoned buildings, then down into another valley, we found what we set out to find... wild Mustangs.

The band of three.
The most curious of the bunch.
Our brief encounter comes to a close.
The partner in crime, watching the horses before we head back to the car.
Sights from our stop, then back to the road.
The second herd.
Heading back to California.
Looking east towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Stopped just after the border crossing to photograph cholla cactus in the setting sun.
Hello again California.
Looking west, the White Mountains.
The tablelands.
Bishop, CA - Last shot before the sun sank behind the mountains and the valley grew dark.

Thanks to dad for being the adventure buddy.

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Roonwit Cripe

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