One Tree Hill Season 1 episode 6

This episode was broadcasted on October 28, 2003.

Nathan and Lucas get in a fight during there away game, which it came to Whiteys mind to let them walk home, 30 miles. Meanwhile, Brooke hurt her ankle and took a little to many pain pills. Peyton, helped Brooke to the car, where Haley was by and Brooke decided to invite Haley on the ride home. Peyton and Haley at this point get close. While Nathan and Lucas were walking home 3 of the other team players stopped. Saw both of them and tricked them into the car. They ended up taking Nathan and Lucas to the gas station to buy stuff for them but they had to take their clothes off. A little after that a cop was coming so they took off into the woods, where the other team members decide to start a fight between Nate and Luke. Nate and Luke "fought" but got the car keys and played the game back. The car ended up getting stuck so Nate and Luke ran and eventually stopped and walked, talking about anything with their family. Peyton, Haley, and Brooke eventually found Luke and Nate walking down the street and picked them up.

The characters are very relatable. Between the acting, and the way they actually show emotions make me think it was real life.

I would recommend watching this episode because no matter what family problems you have or had in your life, weather or not you know your parts of your family, doesn't mean you don't fight for them or with them to get out of trouble. Nate and Luke, they never saw eye to eye because of there dad, but at that moment they knew they needed to protect eachother, and be a team. That's how it should be. I would give this show a five star rating.

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