Creative Ed @ Home Some great sites that use creativity and the arts in a variety of subjects

As part of a collection of arts-centered resources, PBS offers ten interactive videos for students K-12 on topics ranging from animation basics to the language of dance.

A nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Check out their Art History and Storytelling.

TED-Ed provides videos on topics related to the arts. From finding your own creative genius to examining the history of hip hop, there is something for everyone.

The Kennedy Center provides digital, arts education resources and guided lessons for K-12 students. From lessons on making advertisements to Irish folk dancing, there’s something for every student.

KQED’s Art School offers a collection of videos — including making a superhero, translating stories into dance, and illustrating personal stories — with options for almost any arts interest.

Storyline Online is a creative literary resource for K-4th graders. The platform gets your favorite celebrities to read children’s books and provides engaging visuals for any student to follow along.


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